Running in circles

7 men gathered in the fine morning air to get a sweat on. After opening formalities, we warmed up with little baby arm circles, weed pickers, side straddle hops, and empirical walkers then mosey to pier.

At e

The pier we lined up a snake merkin line with 1st man in front leaning rest, 1 merkin, next man runs in front to 1 merkin and plank, next follows snaking between planked men to front with last man keeping it moving.

At other end we lateral shuffled from one end to other, then we did the plank snake back except last man jumps over planked men to front.

Then we skipped back and forth and the 3rd iteration was in honor of the movie Tenant, and we went forward going backwards.

Mosey to main land circling benches and as we mosey i would say go, then one box jump and 2 incline merkins.

Mosey to gazebo and did 2 burpees then move clockwise around each section of gazebo doing another 2 burpees until back to original position.

Moaey to picnic area and each have a picnic table, box jump on one seat, walk to other end, 4 flutter kicks, box jump to other side walk to end then 2 incline merkins. 10 sets

Mosey to big tree near water and circled it. Holding plank while each man took turns running around the circle.

2nd round while holding the al gore

3rd round while flutter kicking

4th round doing a bear plank, and had a duck, duck goose twist, if the man you tap catches you, 2 burpees, if not they do 2 burpees, several men were caught!

Back to flags, stretches, announcements, prayers and then coffeteria at Palm Coast.


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