Why I don’t do Saturday’s

Lovely morning. Cool 60 degrees. Plenty of wind. Rains coming down. I had it all planned out to bring the pain with a tour of the village but decided to stay at the casino so we didn’t require a change of clothes.

warmup- lbac, Jeff imperial walkers, up dog, down dog, lounge stretch.

three rounds of circuits-

1- 30 lbcs, 20 merkins, run length of casino. Do it 10 times.

2. burpee broad jumps for length of sunken living room. 10 lengths.

3. 30 single count step ups, 20 dips, run lap of living room. Do it 10 times.

We finished promptly at 8am. Took the entire 60 minutes. Fun was had by all. My abs still hurt, bad. And my chest feels like I’ve never done a push-up before Saturday. And my shoulders hurt, and my calves, and inner thighs. Pretty much everything. Didn’t realize how soft I had gotten. And this is why I don’t do saturdays.

closed with name-a-Rama, COT. Prayers.

there were severa people there. Can’t remember. Maybe loveshack, uptown, warchix, footloose, lexluthor, yogi, butterfinger?, def stumpe, I give up.



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