6 high intensity men joined D2 for a morning full of cardio and trivia!

As always the disclaimer came first, followed by a good warm-up consisting of:

Imperial walkers, squats, arm circles, overhead claps, wonder bras, merkins, peter parkers, parker peters, and side straddle hops.

Moseyed to the pillars behind the school for…


I prepared 30 trivia questions the day before, a few examples below

  1. Name something in a kitchen that begins with a “D”
  2. What year was the State of Georgia founded?
  3. What are the 3 F’s in F3?

How did we play trivia?

The pax paired up so that it was 1 v 1 for trivia. When it was your turn to answer a question from D2 you had to continuously keep fast feet (you know that classic football drill – and yes I occasionally yelled hit the deck to make it more fun).

Win or Lose you were going to run and do an exercise, BUT if you LOST you had to run farther and do more reps. So it was beneficial to win.

Winner ran about 15 yards and did 3-5 reps

Loser ran about 25 yards and did 4-6 reps

The exercises changed between burpees, merkins, squats and more burpees.

It was FAST PACED and a lot of CARDIO! I’d say we played for about 20 minutes.

After trivia we moseyed to the playground for some pull-ups and then we finished the morning in front of the school running a pretty long suicide that ended with…what else besides a few more burpees.

The pax put in hard work both mentally and physically!

We ended with the COT.

Announcements – War Chicken is organizing a trip to race Go-Karts and throw axes. Talk to him if interested. Here is the place-

Prayer Requests – A father daughter event or group at Community Church that just started or is starting soon

The End.

Stay Ready,

Partick “D2” Jeter


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