8 HIM (high intensity men) posted this morning for the D2 beatdown!

After the disclaimer – a thorough warm up was completed consisting of:

  • Arm circles – forward and reverse
  • Overhead clamps
  • Imperial walkers
  • SSH’s
  • Peter Parker’s with a few merkins 
  • Parker Peter’s with a few more merkins 

Mosey to the playground for pre-workout workout – 4 rounds of:

  • 3 pull-ups
  • 6 merkins
  • 9 jump squats

Mosey to the columns for the real workout!

As the title might suggest we did several 10 to 1 workouts. What’s a 10 to 1 workout? Simple – pick an exercise and do 10 reps, then do 9 reps, then do 8 reps, then do 7 reps…and so it goes until you finish on 1 rep. 

10+9+8+7+6+5+4+3+2+1 = 55 reps

As an added bonus we incorporated the columns! How??? Run to the 10th column and do 10 reps – return to starting line, run to the 9th column and do 9 reps – return to starting line, run to the 8th column and do 8 reps – return to starting line…I think you get it. 

We did this for three exercises 


It was rough and someone almost splashed merlot 

After all that fun we mosey’d back to the playground for a few more pull-ups and then called it a morning. 


This Saturday at Silver Bluff there is an Oktoberfest Party! Details HERE!


Loveseat closed us out beautifully in prayer

The End. Until next time, 

Patrick ‘D2’ Jeter 


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