Anybody can do an AMRAP workout (as many reps as possible), but it takes a truly HIM (high impact men) to do an AMDAP (as many doras as possible) workout.

But as none were available, I decided to see what I could do with the gentlemen who showed up for Jailbreak this Monday morning. It turns out I may have to alter some of my opinions.

Reporting for duty was War Chicken, Pickle Pounder, Butterfinger, Dodgeball, Siri, Loveseat, CocoButter, Blackberry, Woz, Bundy, Canary, Catnip, CowTipper, D2, Dunker, FidgetSpinner, Geico, HeeHaw, Icebox, Mayo, RickyMartin, Rosebud, Snowball, SpecialK, ToyStory & TwinkleToes.

Show up, disclaimer, mosey to the flag pole. Commence tunes and begin the warm-up: SSH, arm circles, tempo squats and tempo merks.

The Thang:  In the time we had left, we would do as many dora combos as possible.  There was a running course set out in the gloom.  One partner does the work, one partner runs.

Dora #1 – 100 merkins, 200 air squats, 300 big boy situps – standard run around the cones

Dora #2 – 100 incline merkins, 200 Bonny Blairs, 300 2-count Russian twists – side shuffle on the run

Dora #3 – 100 Carolina dry docks, 200 monkey humpers, 300 imperial walkers – run backward around the cones

Dora #4 – 100 alternating shoulder taps, 200 lunges, 300 groiners – side shuffle other direction

Dora #5 – 100 alligator merkins, 200 jackhammers, 300 LBC’s – run normally around the cones

Circle up around the flag and do some yoga and then COT

When we got to Pickle Pounder, I remembered that we had not done his exercise—knocked out a quick 10 Pounders.

We finished the COT and went forth to tackle the week ahead.  Those that showed up and did the work are now considered HIM in my book.


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