10 PAX including YHC convened on Labor Day at the modified time of 7:00 AM at the pier. Folks were running a little late on this holiday. Loveseat woke up late, but still made it in time for the last warmups. Heehaw showed up long enough to drop off the flags then scooted off to go fishing with Dodgeball, so we knew we were down 2 for sure. Clipper (welcome back Kotter) and his crew were a few minutes late but made it – and better late than never.

Took a while for a decision to be finalized on the time so hopefully nobody showed at 5:30 AM – but as Jimmy Van Boxel and I were working down some Arte’s pizza and pints at Silver Bluff last night, we decided to pick up the Q. We decided to come up with exercises to work each letter of the word Labor:


Since it was 2020, I’d hoped to do multiples of 2s and 0s – most of which was 200s.


Mosey to the pier for weed pickers, LBCs, tempo squats, LBACs, and SSH.


Starting at the warmup location at end of pier, 10 walking lunges, then a burpee. Repeat until you get off the pier to the curb.

Mosey to the benches under the big oak tree. Choose a partner for some Dora. 200 bench step ups while partner runs to the flag pole and back.

Find a patch of grass and switch partners. 200 Big Bog Situps while parter runs to flag pole and back.

At this point, I’m getting gassed because you all know how much I hate running. We mosey to the far stairs on the beach hoping to have enough beach, but no luck.

Grab a rock – form a circle in the lawn in front of the lighthouse.

10 REPS of Overhead Press – going around the circle counting.
10 REPS of Thrusters – same thing.

Repeat each of those.

The “O” for Overhead got the short end of the stick as we spent so much time on legs and abs we were running low on time.

Slow walk down sidewalk and around playground for one final RUN sprint back to the flags.

Count-o-rama and Name-o-Rama, including 3 FNG:

David P – “Judge Judy”
Niles – “Rogue”
Oliver – “Chelsea”

Capped it off with coffeeteria at Palm Coast. Enjoy your holiday!

In attendance:
Fidget Spinner
Pickle Pounder
Judge Judy


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