Haw Week: Monday MURPH

We had a couple hard hitters recently pull a week’s worth of beatdowns, so in the spirit, Ya boy Hee Haw had to jump on board!

Conditions were muggy (typical), and disclaimer was covered.

12 HIM (including 2 FNG) gathered for Day 1 of Haw Week…. MURPH

MURPH is a hero WOD in honor of Lt Michael Murphy.  As prescribed, participants wear a 20# vest, complete a 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-up, 300 air squats, and closing 1 mile run all for time.


We had to modify as necessary this morning… BUT everyone put in the work, was drenched in sweat, and one HIM answered the call of the wild.  Dodgeball set the pace, and we called it with a few minutes to spare with time mosey back to the Flags. 

Welcome FNG’s Patrick “Barney Fife” and John “Officer Hooks”

Pickle Pounder needs help moving a piano after the Saturday workout.  Will need 5-6 pairs of helping hands.

Barney Fife shared with the PAX about a ministry that he is bringing to the area called Fight Club, a men’s Christian study/development series that last 10 weeks covering 4 pillars of growth more details to follow on SLACK.


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