Sailor’s Warning 7/18/2020 Allie’s (Spike) workout for volleyball

The Humidity was great but the guys were ready. WarChicken’s friendly new gal (granddaughter Allie) helped lead the Q. Can’t believe an eleven year old sweated us into the ground 😊 I hurt myself earlier or I would have died 😴 FNG was nicked named Spike.

Attending were: DodgeBall, UpTownGirl, Siri, D2, YogiBear, WarChicken, Spike, Cluck, and HeartBreaker

Warm up – The mummers dancePapa (WarChicken) in charge

Exercise – Allie and PaPa to songs PaPa heard from the sixties forward

1. Mama told me

• 3 pushups when hear mama (key)

• High knees rest of time (pace)

2. What’s the buzz

• 3 burpee jacks

• Jumping jacks

3. Birthday

• 3 Walk out

• Frankensteins

4. All along the watchtower

• 3 Scissor jacks (Bonnie Blair)

• Windmill

5. Fortunate son

• 3 twist toe touches

• Arm rotates

6. Respect

• 3 pushups

• High knees

7. No time

• 3 Apollo ( running man)

• Frankenstein

8. Layla

• 3 burpees

• Annie ( bend over hand circles)

9. Proud mary

• 3 walk outs

• Windmills

10. Hard days night

• 3 big boy sit-ups

• duck duck goose

Cool down with Yoga to Caribbean blue and then to Palm Coast for fellowship.


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