Betty Blue has the Q

Betty Blue has the Q

Its not uncommon for me to ride good ‘ol Betty Blue (my wife’s cruiser with a cup holder and basket….great for my early morning coffee and a speaker or towel) to the Renegade AO as its just around the corner from my house.  There’s usually a few bikers present.  This time I wanted to incorporate her into the workout and thus the name; Betty Blue has the Q.

I got word from Cowtipper that another guest visiting was going to post so I was on the lookout for him.  It was nice to see him and 3 others from DR.  Summer on the island is always full of welcomed F3 visitors!

Quick disclaimer, welcome and some stretching on your own.

Warm up with 11 Tappy Taps, Bat Wings 10 count each; forward arm circles, reverse, overhead and seal claps

Mosey out the lot and halfway around the main entrance.

19 SSH then complete the mosey back to our starting point for the THANG:

A simple, yet completely ridiculous routine I stole (and changed up the exercise) from Heartbreaker.

The 20 Dump (I started with 19 instead of 20 as its my 19th year anniversary

19 Burpees 18 BBS – take a lap

17 Burpees 16 BBS – take a Lap

15/14, 13/12, 11/10, 9/8, 7/6, 5/4, 3/2…and 1

Some of the guys finished.

Here’s where Betty Blue comes in.  you have a choice of a single lap between the two exercises or you can take Betty for a spin, but you have to do two rounds.

A few of us took advantage of Betty and her white-wall wheels; the light breeze felt nice!

Once the few finished I gathered the group and we completed IC from 3, 2, then 1 Burpee 1 BBS Lap.

I always like to try the group together at the me, feels like we are all in it together.

We were spent….



No FNG’s but great to have SnotRocket and Sparky out again (FNG’s from last week) and the four visitors from DR; Lex_Luther, TC, Laofer, and Saint 2.0

I mentioned my 19 yr anniversary and one of the PAX wished we were honeymooner’s since the workout started with 19…its great to have someone in this journey but it has also been quite rewarding having you guys now!

I took the flags and waved the F3 proudly as i peddled Betty Blue back to the Hood.

13 PAX got up, started the day right, and enjoyed our SE June humidity beatdown.  Thanks and look forward to seeing you all in the gloom!


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