19 and counting…

June 30th Anniversary beatdown -19years and counting

So, Its my 19th Year anniversary in the COVID 19 year….June 30th I took the Q at Ironman.  I had ideas in mind that including pushing CMU blocks around the parking lot, each lap add another block, but I ran late and there was a ton of guys waiting…I thought it was the wrong day with so many new faces… Great to have everyone.

Intro, quick disclaimer and then I started the music: 90’s love songs as Tara and I met in 1994 and started dating.  The music was amazing!

Warm up with 19 reps (19 year anniversary) of Tappy Taps, Sprinkler, Finkle kicks (I think we did) and then SSH.

Moseyed near the entrance for the THANG:

I forgot one warm up so we did it prior to the THANG:

Merkin ladder to 6 for the month of June:

1 merkin, 5 sec rest at top. 2 merkin rest, 3 rest, 4, 5, 6 rest

4 exercises each starting at 19 reps then a lap around entrance. 18 -lap, 17….we made it to 14 or so

19 – Curls

19 – Overhead press

19 – bent over rows

19 – weighted squats

Lap with out weights

18 or each and so one.

As I looked at the time I decided to join us for the final 3 reps: lap together, 3 reps each, lap, 2 reps each, lap, 1 rep and Lap.

Mosey back to the cars for the bonus final: 30 Monkey Humpers for the day – June 30th



Welcome FNG “Slider”  he hopes to become as regular as possible with his work schedule.

Three visitors from DR; Macon and Charlotte and just North; One Time, Lex_Lutherand Laofer

19 years is a long time.  But to be with your HS sweetheart, loving (and sometimes not so much) each other, making a family, moving and builder our careers together.  Its been an amazing journey and I Hope all of you experience True, Lasting Love.   And I think now that I joined F3, she may even like me more….dont screw this up for me guys!

10 PAX got up, started the day right, and enjoyed our SE June humidity beatdown.  Thanks and look forward to seeing you all in the gloom!


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