Run Forest, run

10 men gathered at the Pier for Sailors warning. After a few warm up exercises we mosey’ed to the Mallery park ballfields.

The grass was very lush, recently cut and felt great to work out in! We started in a circle, first guy does a merkin then run COUNTER clockwise around the circle. Next guy follows and so on till we all did a lap. Then we lined up on the fence and did the electric chair while we each took turns running down the field and back.

Da thang: lined up on the fence, we raced to the first marker, came back and did a burpee, then we lined up by who finished first to last. Next round the first 3 finishes ran to the farthest point, middle group to a middle line and last group to a closer line. 2 burpees at end. Every lap we added a burpee and the order we finished in changed. Although the middle crew didn’t change too much. Mosey back to big flag in a line, last man sprints to the front continuously.

At flag pole we did 5 sets of 10 hand release push ups, 10 four count flutter kicks. Then 5 min of stretches

Prayed for peace in our nation and closed shop.

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@suds peace out, safe travels back to Atlanta!


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