It pays to be a winner…or does it?

9 men gathered in the beautiful morning to get some sweat on! We had a special guest from an Atlanta F3 chapter, Suds join us!

Warm up, run in a circle, turn it inside, turn it outside, switch directions. Jump squats and weed pickers. Then we flutter kicked while we took turns running around the circle. Then we held plank while we took turns around the circle. As you passed someone they had to jump up then go back to plank.

Mosey to Mount Saint Simon’s in a line, starting with two outer men, bear crawl up hill, 10 meekins, run back. Then next two. Everyone else lunged in place till their turn.

Mosey to beach, found 3 hand size rocks and marked a start line, mid point and far side point on beach. Sprint drill to 1st rock and 5 merkins, 5 squats, run back to start then to far rock for same. As we finished we kept track of order of finish. This is where it got interesting. First 3 across line did same drill but reps increased to 15, 2and group of 3 had to to 10 reps each and last 2 kept the 5 reps. Did that 4 more rounds. So winning earned you more reps, which I see as good, but I might be a little weird. At round 6 we switched to V ups and walk out push ups. Did 10 complete rounds and then returned the rocks.

Mosey back towards flags, along the way we spread out so held plank for 6, then we knocked out 10 4 count merkins.

Back at flag we closed out, prayers, @loveseat was war baby, @warchicken was war daddy.

And finally, Palm Coast is open again so coffeteria there after!


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