Roadside Cleanup

Inspired by a random encounter with our GA Department of Corrections; the prisoners were working the roadside hard..

A Q was stewing within me. Put some notes together and blasted everyone to fartsack another day cause Renegade this week is going to be EPIC…uniforms will be available.

Due to the dangers of any roadside work (I think we saw 8-10 cars in the gloom) it only takes one to change someone’s life forever, I provided “appropriate” uniforms – 2 effective running vests, 2 reflective headbands ( I think Yogi wore his around his leg) 2 reflective wrist bands…a few guys brought a lamp or their vest. We felt safe!

Mumble was free-flowing until I interrupted with disclaimer and a directive “Merkin Ladder” 1 merkin, 5 second pause, 2 merkins, 5 second pause, 3 -pause, 4,5,6,7 merkins with 5 second pause…I was warmed up! Let’s Mosey

Onto the next warm-up – Tappy Taps along the road…but first an announcement. This morning we’ll “play it cool” every time a car comes by PAX holds Squat acts like reading a paper…there was 8-10 I believe! Mosey some more…

Another warm-up – the SSH Motivator. 5 count to 1: Full, half arm, no arm, hop… I’m trying to master the cadence..

Now… The THANG:

Route 66 along fence: 1 burpee, skip a post, 2 burpee, skip and continue until 11 burpees (adds up to 66…I believe)

Scout Run: Indian run but the leader runs ahead (25-30yrds) then runs back to end of line, passes new lead and they run ahead…finished right where I needed – the round about.

Swirly: partner up and wheelbarrow crawl a few steps then 1 merkin, switch and continue until complete circle around round about…of course there were a few cars so we had to “play it cool”

That sucked!

Mosey back to fence with a brief stop for a monkey/gorilla/monkey humper extravaganza… the burn was good

Now back to the fence for a “Pure Burn” All PAX line up at fence, holding on with butt facing road, 3/4 squat with 10 calf pulse then 1/2 squat with 10 pulses. Repeat until every PAX ran to end and returned for 10 merkins.

Mosey to flags (oh wait, Loveseat left them in his car…again)

Bonus: Walker Strong: while each PAX has a chance to pray, everyone does continuous Imperial walkers. Prayers for all, our country, leadership, this virus, and some specifics…

cot, announcements,

War chicken closed us out with another prayer…we can’t have enough!

11PAX enjoyed this beautiful, viral-free gloom: siri, Dodgeball, loveseat, heartbreaker, fidget spinner, Yogi bear, cow tipper, mall cop, blackberry, Butterfinger, war chicken

Naked Mole skin: this virus is real but so is our lives, economy, and our F3 AO’s. Be safe, be smart, stay home if needed but let’s get over this thing ASAP


One thought on “Roadside Cleanup

  1. Siri that was just a great Q, very fun, very different, very worthwhile before a very busy day. So glad I didn’t miss it!


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