Boxing Day

Seven men gathered in the crisp 55 degree morning to get the blood pumping. After a easy warm up of weedpickers, finkle kicks, merkins, crunches, arm circles and a few laps around the parking lot we did the thang:

Ten rounds of 1 minute shadow boxing, mixing jab/cross, hooks, upper cuts and flurries (really fast jab/cross)

In between we did burpee parts, breaking down the burpee into sections and doing 10-20 reps.

After the shoulders were nice and burned we moseied around the kot, hands up, jab/cross.

Back to a circle for a few flutter kicks and dying cockroaches.

Finished cool down weed pickers and single leg donkey kick catch and release.

Heartbreaker led a strong prayer for our brother Tim Carlson, who is battling for his life. We pray that he makes a full recovery.


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