Siri Week Part4 -Diego’s by Frederica

Siri Week PART4 – Diego’s by Frederica 21 2020.02.18

Ridiculed or not, I was still not feeling well but couldn’t miss another Q during my “Siri Week”.  I got up early, took some meds, and headed out to Ironman.  I wanted to also present our official new CMU blocks.  There are now 8 blocks hidden behind the power transformer in the upper left corner of the parking lot.  Anyone anytime can use them.  I hope to spry our F3 logo on them in the very near future.


Hoping for an even number of PAX I waiting till 5:33. 5 PAX total and that was that.

 Quick hello, disclaimer, and then right into warmups.

  • Tappy Taps, Bat Wings, and just your regular SSH
  • Introduce the Ballerinas toe squat.  Feet together, bend down, and then lift heels into full squat, rise up and repeat.  We did 10 or so.

**Mosey with weights and both Loveseat sandbags across parking lot to entrance off Frederica Road for the Thang.


I set up 5 CMU blocks near the entrance/sidewalk, ready for the PAX to begin the Thang – DIEGOS

With partner, one performs as many of the exercise while the other carries a weight or sandbag to the crosswalk sign and back:

100 Merkins (elevated on a CMU block)

150 Overhead press w/ Block

200 LBC (best to find some grass)

250 Block curls (as Dodgeball observed, best performed by fully extending arms down and back up…maybe some modified)

300 Squat w/ blocks (again Dogdeball had a few pointers on the proper form….i think he’s an expert or something 😊

We went right to the time so there was not a usually BON/us exercise to try


5 PAX got out of bed on a gorgeous Feb morning, entered the Gloom to better themselves: Loveseat, Dodgeball, Butterfinger, Mrs Howell, Siri.

Announcements and  Prayer

Siri’s anniversary week is OVER!!!

Naked-man Moleskin:

So I fart-Q’d my FNG invite Siri week part3 – but I was sick.  If I had made it you all were in for a treat: Alabama Ass-kickers, Angle Grinders, Big City Scissors, maybe a few Crowd Pleasers, Double shot of Jackess, and Burp-groin/burp-merk.  I was also going to try a full Bruce Lee AB exercise but didn’t think we could handle it…  anyway, I was SICK and Loveseat made me proud with his unique workout!

I wanted to share some interesting facts about a year..since we /I am celebrating my one year in F3:

  • The AVG. person eats almost 1500 lbs of food a YEAR.
  • The Human eye blinks an AVG of 4,200,000 times a year
  • Walmart generates $3,000,000.00 in revenue ever 7 minutes.  Wow, what is that for a year? $$$
  • Babies:
    • 4 babies – every second
    • 250 babies – every minute
    • 15,000 babies – every hour
    • 360,000 babies – every day
    • 31,400,000babies – every year
  • There is still around 35-38 mil deaths a year to balance out the world population.

And with that its Good By to Siri Week and I look forward to many more years with you all.  Good night.   


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