Nantan Q-sack

It was a sad day in the annals of F3 this morning. Six brave pax met in the gloom ready for an inspired (and hopefully heavily themed) workout led by our fearless leader, but when the time came we checked slack and discovered that he had called in sick. We collected ourselves, however, welcomed the FNG that he had invited, and got after it. My theme for the workout was pretending I was a drill instructor and Siri was my lone recruit.

warmup on the pier – SSH, seal jacks, plank jacks, smurf jacks.

mosey to foot of pier – 20 one legged step ups, 20 dips, flapjack 20 step ups, 20 dips.

modified Route 66 – mosey to lighthouse and stop at every lit beacon, alternate 10 merkins and 10 Carolina dry docks.

mount st Simons – lunge walk up hill, 20 crunchy frogs, bear crawl down (extra credit for throwing in a ninja roll down the hill).  Duck walk up hill, 30 2-count Russian twists, crawl bear down.

Mosey to stairs. Dora w/partner. 100 2-count groiners, 150 LBCs, 200 squats.

lindsay 40’s – dips and merkins. Didn’t get finished with these as we ran out of time and I was smoked.

We named the FNG Ratched – he is a pharmacist for a prison and has also worked on a Native American reservation.  If you’ve seen One flew Over the cuckoos nest you’ll get it – the name seemed appropriate.

COT – prayed for the health of our Nantan, who we give a hard time to but sincerely hope he recovers, for his own good.  He’s got Q tomorrow.



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