Siri Week (part1) Death Star

Siri Week PART1 -Death Star 2020.02.13

One year ago TODAY I started this crazy adventure as an out-of-shape, stressed, over-weight FNG and now, today, I’ve Q’d over 10 workouts!  I still cant believe how far I have come. How amazing this group of brothers are! And just how much of an impact F3 is having around the country.  I hope you don’t mind my Q’s as I also decided to celebrate my anniversary by Q’ing a week of workouts!!!  See you all in the Gloom.


We started just a touch late.  Guys were chattering, and there was rumors an UTG siting might happen….It didn’t ☹ 

  • We did a few stretches (OYO), Tappy Taps, and Finkle kicks.  I still enjoy watching everyone flutter around with these.
  • Mosey around the parking lot and down the entrance street some.
  • I continue to try to the Decomposing SSH as introduced by Boomer and done with D2: count was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 which included: full SSH, half arm SSH, no arm/feet only SSH, mini hops…I really screwed up the cadence count this time.  It was a TOTAL disaster…but we continued on…
  • Another Mosey to the end of street/intersection for Warm Up #3. On your SIX for Flutter Kicks.
  • We continued our mosey to the parent exit for 10 Monkey Humpers, 10 Gorilla Humpers (wider/lower stance) and 10 more Monkey Humpers -4 ct in cadence.  That was fun….
  • We continued our Mosey to the Bus entrance to start the workout


I always like to move around so we will continue to make a huge loop around the OPES campus; Bus drop off, playground in the rear, and finish back in the parking lot.

Bus drop off:

  • Lunge/Squat up the hill to the start of the columns:  1 squat/4 Lunges, 2 squats/8 Lunges, 4 squats/12 Lunges, and I think we all finished with 6 squats/16 Lunges
  • 3 laps around columns; 1- full out sprint length of columns ( I was surprised to finish in the lead) 2- mosey serpentine back through columns, 3 – a slowsy to actually count the columns – turns out there are 28 not 27!


  • Find a bench for a little Lindsay aka Fouties: 10 dips/30 BBS, 15 dips/25 BBS, 20 dips/20 BBS, 25 dips, 15 BBS, 30 dips/10 BBS

Parking Lot:

  • I read through the Exicon and found a little gem called “Death Star”  arrange 10 columns in the shape of a 5-point star.  To note; it was really hard to tell the shape was anything to the point where Snowball asked “what was my major/career”? ”Architect” was my response and I’m not sure if that helped him or not….  I assure you it was a very lovely star, if only seen from space!
  • Exicon says 30 Merkins at each cone.  I elected for a more reasonable 10 Merkins per cone.  100 Merkins to finish up the workout was enough.  Although, I believe Dodgeball felt like her needed more and did 15 or so at each…well done young man!


Doggie Paddle– more of a Yoga stretch with all in downward dog.  On que, out stretch Right Arm with Left leg and hold. Switch and hold until complete.  I used this opportunity to take a few action shots!


8 PAX got out of bed on a gorgeous Feb morning, entered the Gloom to better themselves: Blackberry, Dodgeball, Loveseat, Butterfinger, Yogi Bear, Heartbreaker, Snowball, Siri.

Announcements and  Prayer

Siri’s anniversary week:,Part 2 -SA 2/15, Part 3 -MO 2/17, Part 4 -TU 2/18

Naked-man Moleskin:

1 Year: 12 Months: 52 Weeks: 365 Days: 8,760 Hours: 525,600 Minutes: 315,360,000 Seconds but all that really matters is that in a year I have made new friendships, pushed myself harder than ever before, committed to something that has benefits for me physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I really thank all of you who are on this journey of life together and look forward to many, many more years in the Gloom!


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