Milky Montage

7 Pax decided to jump out of the fartsack and cool down to 45° temperatures and get a taste of a few slightly different movements and do a little stargazing. Here’s what went down:


Ankle rotations, wide (Sumo) squat, split squat, SSH, LBACs

Inchworm and straight legged bear crawl.

The Thang-

We did a series of movements, covering every muscle group and breaking (close to fatigue) to a different motion in order to create muscle confusion and prevent injury. The exercises consisted of front raise and hold, shoulder shrugs, Carolina drydock, a series of merkins (one leg elevated, and curb), curls, rows, eagle wing, overhead triceps extension, bridge thrusters, oblige and regular crunch, straight legged deadlift, lunges and reverse lunges.

Then we started a cool down with windshield wipers, knee wipes, low back stretches, bomber merkins, and Warrior 1-3 poses.

COT, Namorama, announcements, prayer concerns.

Naked man moleskin:

I am a broken man. As an empty nest parent, I have found comfort in having dogs around the home to eliminate boredom and to bring joy and happiness to an otherwise quiet house. We lost one of our boys last week and it brought so much sadness. I’m not one to cry, but I broke down like I can never remember when we had to have him put down last Thursday. He was always young at heart, vibrant, and happy. His spirit and health declined quickly and we found he had a large, aggressive tumor in his abdomen and internal bleeding. It happened so sudden that we didn’t really get to say goodbye. It was like losing a best friend. Our other dog is older and in poor health, and will probably not live much longer, so, even though we’re not quite through mourning losing the first dog, I decided it is time to arrange getting another. The M has been on the fence, but my gut tells me it will be for the best. That said, I have found a new puppy who will be ready to come home with us around March7, but am praying for my wife to be on board to raise another fur baby and for right decisions on my part.


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