Burpee HIT

8 men gathered for the morning workout on a crisp 50 degree day with an amazing sunrise. We warmed up at the gathering point then mosey’ed to the pier, on your 6 for flutter kicks, dolly partons, scissor kicks, and just trying to keep your heels off the deck while we took turns sprinting down to the end of the pier and back. Two Buck gave us a 10 count then we all planked and did merkins and other plank related exercises while each one of us took turns sprinting to the end of the pier and back. Goal was to keep your knees off the deck.

Next we mosey’ed to the picnic tables for box jump up on bench, then on table, 1 merkin, 1 squat, hop down and then back up for 2 of each, 3, up to 10 reps each. Dodgeball killed this one.

Mosey’ed around and started a shuttle run from lighthouse to Half Shell. There we did the same routine (flutter kicks, then planks) on the pier except each person sprinted up 3 flights of stairs and back.

Mosey’ed to playground partner up, 50 dips and 50 pullups between pair.

Mosey’ed to flagpole, finished w 10 min HIT burpee routine, 30 sec on, 30 sec off. Each round a different variation.

Closing, we squared away War Chicken w muscle and a pick up to move some stuff and apparently he bought breakfast! Of course it was the one day I had to run! Hope it was good.

Prayers for marriage, Iron Man, and F3 prayer breakfast.

Y’all enjoy the day


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