Boomer brings some Lexington SC favorites!

Siri- thanks for having me today. Backblast-


Disclaimer, prayer

11 PAX posted today and YHC was able to show some F3 Lexington favorites.

Mosey to flag pole. Count off for partners- one partner on one side of field near pole, one partner on the other side of field near tree. Perform the exercise YHC calls out toward each other, meet in the middle, and then perform the team-building exercise together (by slapping hands), then go back to your side doing the same exercise that got you there.
1.Lunge to partner- 10 Bonnie Blairs each leg- Lunge back
2.Bear crawl- 10 plank high 5s each arm- bear crawl
3.Frog jump/bunny hop- 10 squat jumps- Frog jump/bunny hop
4.Mosey to middle- 10 BBSU- mosey back

Mosey to lighthouse for COP- Motivators x 5 IC, Through the tunnel x 10 IC, shoulder circuit (baby arm circles forward, reverse, raise the roof, Moroccan night clubs, overhead arm claps all IC X 10

On to the living room area. Spread out so everyone has a step for the following exercises. In between each exercise PAX completed 10 incline merkins.
⁃Two feet bunny hops on step. 50
⁃Scissors x 50
⁃Up up down down x 25 each leg
⁃One foot x 10 each leg

Back to the flag pole to “load the ark”. Animals had to load the ark in he day of Noah- so we replicated it. Got to the ark with an animal exercise, did 5 squats, then off the ark with an animal exercise. Ark was about 20 yards away.
⁃Bear crawl
⁃Crab walk (regular crab or fiddler crab)
⁃Gorilla walk
⁃Duck walk

Back to partners- rinse and repeat team-building exercise except mosey to meet your partner.

To the flag pole for 8 min of Mary.

Count a Rama, name a Rama

FNG- Mitchell Turner- had to take like 3 bathrooms breaks turning workout> Deuce

Prayer requests, Announcements

Devo-James 1:19-20 19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; 20 for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.

I tell you, whenever there is some, “what can I do today to be more like Jesus” thoughts in my head James is my go to. These verses have been on my heart for a few days, as I’ve found myself impatient with my 2.0s. Verse 20 really hit me between the eyes- “for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God”- WOW. Pretty black and white there right? Either you are acting in a way to produce the righteousness of God or you aren’t… you are either moving toward being more like Jesus or away. Examine your heart, your thoughts, your actions, what you say, how you treat people- are you leading your household, your workplace, your community- as verse 19 or as verse 20?

Moleskin- thanks for having me out today boys. Great group of men at F3 St.Simons. Special thanks to Geico, Flo, Xbox, and FNG Deuce who are all cousins-some here in town, others from out of town but we are all here to celebrate our Grandmothers 90th birthday.


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