Groiners for 2

Short and brutal…

One PAX – that’s one PAX—Dodgeball declined to fartsack and showed up in the Fog for a total body beatdown.  It was promised that we would end early so that all attendees could easily shower and attend the UMC Prayer Breakfast before the speaker (Stan Robinson) began at 7:10 AM.  The Q delivered and the workout was short and brutal, and we finished by 6:00 AM.

Attendees: Dodgeball, Blackberry


  • Hamstring stretch arm circles, 4CIC, 10 Mor, 10 FWD, 10 REV
  • SSH 4CIC x20
  • Plank Tucks 4CIC x20
  • V-UP’s x10
  • Merkin Jacks 4CIC x10

Alternating Leg Groiner Demo

  • (See “Groiner Total Body Exhaustion )
  • Start at plank with one foot next to your hand
  • Thrust your foot back and simultaneously bring the other foot back to the other hand, similar to a mountain climber
  • Keep your body low while alternating legs, keep chest over hands, abs tight, go slow enough to keep good form
  • if resting, hold position in the groin stretch with pelvis low
  • 5x sets 4-count IC


  • For weights, we focused on 1 main muscle group, the Biceps, and used that as a break during the Thang
  • For max effect, we do these SLOWLY with good form and full range of motion from arms fully extended and accentuating contraction at the top.  Keep elbows in front of hips
  • 10x slow reps IC

The Thang

  • Walk dumbbells to start, bear crawl to next station, bear crawl back, carry dumbbells back to first station.  Do 1 set of Abs or Groiners at each station
  • Start area will be for Groiners only, 10x 4-count  (50 total)
  • Sidewalk area is for Abs only, alternating with 10x V-Ups and 10x 4-count American Hammers (5 total sets)
  • After crawling back to weights, plank & wait for everyone to catch up, then do 1 set Biceps Curls x10 for breather
  • Rinse & repeat until 5 sets of Abs, 5 sets Groiners, 4 sets of Curls are complete

Naked Man Moleskin

Kudos to Dodgeball for showing up and giving me a run for my money.  I had trouble keeping up with him without other PAX to slow us down – groiners are TOUGH!  Dodgeball had a trampoline-concussed ankle but made it through all the bear crawls (after I demonstrated that it could be done with one leg).

This one was short but pretty intense.  I didn’t have much soreness but more like whole body fatigue by the evening and slept very, very well!  Total Body Exhaustion indeed, plus curls.


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