Dora the Widowed Explorer

F3 Sailor’s Warning – January 11, 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, welcome to the official F3 St. Simons Backblast for Sailor’s Warning.

This was my first time Q’ing a Saturday but I wasn’t too concerned about filling up the hour of time.   I showed up back in August for a regular Monday morning workout and the Q was a no-show so I volunteered to make something up.    It turned out to be a good workout and we ran out of time.   Ever since then, I was determined to bring it back and finish it.   Today was the day.

After a week of cold mornings it was around 65 degrees at 7:00 AM.  9 pax assembled in the gloom to push themselves into a better place.  D2 arrived with the official shovel flags and we began.


After the F3 disclaimer we moseyed to the end of the pier.   It must have been high tide because the swells were coming in strong and crashing hard into the rocks.   We circled up on the south end of the pier for a few quick warmups:

  • Weed Pickers
  • LBAC
  • Tempo Squats

Next I departed from our typical warmup and asked for 30-seconds on the clock.  Quoting my favorite movie, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, I reminded the pax of the following:  “Live moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.   So for 30-seconds, I asked everyone to be completely silent and take in some deep, deep breaths and take in the beauty around us.

Then we moseyed to the pier entrance and completed our warmups on the benches:

  • Step-Ups – 10 per leg.
  • 20 Incline Merkins

Mosey to the playground.

The Thang:

A few PAX who had attended the impromptu Q from August were present and quickly remembered the workout.  I described it as a Dora, but without a partner.

Typically when we do “Dora” – we have a partner.  One PAX even said I should figure out what to name Dora without a partner, and that if I named it, I could claim it.    At that point in our workout, I was already feeling like I was dying, so I called it “Dora the Widowed Explorer”, since the partner was dead.

The workout was OYO, and consisted of:

  • 50 pullups (or swing rows) – 5 sets of 10
  • 100 BBS (Big Boy Sit Ups) – 10 sets of 10
  • 150 Squats – 15 sets of 10
  • 200 Bench Dips – 10 sets of 20

After each set, you would call out your completed set number “loud and proud” and alternate running, either to the light pole at the end of the sidewalk, or around the picnic area.   As the guy who the entire F3 SSI knows hates running, I modified with running and walking best I could.

All of the PAX who were tracking the workout with fitness trackers had an average of around 7100 steps, which is would be about 3.5 miles of running. 


We closed with a stop by the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by Count-O-Rama, Name-O-Rama, and COT.

Announcements & Prayers:

  • F3 sponsored prayer breakfast this coming Tuesday at SSUMC
  • Loveseat has the Q this Monday.
  • Pray for Siri’s dad, battling cancer
  • Pray for Lab Rat’s travel to Atlanta and back

Naked Man Moleskin:

I have NEVER been one of those guys who picks a “word” for the year.  It always seemed a bit silly to me.   But this year, I picked a word that is very common, especially in the New Year.   My word is “HEALTHY”.     My ultimate resolution is to become more healthy in 2020 – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I started out this week strong, sticking to my calorie budget and exercise goals (exceeding, actually) for the week.  Too early to celebrate, because I know how easy it is to fall off the wagon.  I have accountability and hope to see real results this week.

Some may think it was silly, but I LOVED the 30-seconds of breathing in and mental prep.  I was all-in, with my eyes closed, arms spread wide open, taking big deep breaths.  It felt so peaceful and good.   I think the world needs to slow down more often.   On the mosey back Lab Rat said I must have been watching the Mr. Rogers movie.  Nope, I haven’t seen it – but if it’s good enough for the sweater legend, it’s good enough for me.

A huge welcome back to Volunteer, long-time kotter who returned to the gloom.   He may have been skipping F3 for over a year, but he clearly hasn’t skipped working out, as he was crushing it.

Props to D2 and Volunteer who finished the workout.  I think Loveseat was really close or may have finished.

Blackberry was in his own world today.  He was either mad sprinting as fast as he could or jumping over picnic tables – I’m not sure he actually did the workout, but whatever he did, he was doing it 110%.  Every time he zoomed past me I said “showoff”.   Instead of simply running around the picnic area, he chose to run and climb over all of them.  Um …. OK then.

The first full week of January is in the books.   It’s easy to meet your goals on the first week.   Now let’s challenge one another to stay strong all year.

Grace and peace,

Fred McKinnon
Fidget Spinner


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