For the ‘Football Stud’

Dips I was so excited to put together a workout I thought could make even a young ‘football stud’ cry, but turns out only us old guys were crying at the end, because he didn’t show up.


Huggers, Can-Cans, Tappy-Taps, Jamaican Night Clubs, Deep Lounge Stretch, Merkins. Mosey.

I took a volunteer to carry the boom box and quickly started with a Spice Girls hit while our lame-duck NanTan carried the load.   He took everything in stride like a champ.  We then took a very roundabout route to the sunken living room.

4 Rounds of Ciurcuits:

3 Times-

  1. Merkins (30sec amrap)
  2. Plank Tucks (30sec amrap)
  3. Rest (30sec)

3 Times-

  1. Alternating Lounges (30sec amrap)
  2. 1/4 Jump Squats (30 sec amrap)
  3. Rest

3 Times

  1. Dips (30sec amrap)
  2. Sprints (30sec)
  3. Rest (30 sec)

3 Times-

  1. Leg Lifts (30sec amrap)
  2. V-Holds (30sec)
  3. Rest (30 sec)

IN attendance: Siri, Loveseat, UPtowngirl, WarChichen, Yogi, Labrat, YHC



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