There’s a new Nantan, Now What?

There’s a New NANTAN, Now WHAT? 2019.12.29

A Look Back…way back:

I thought before I go forward with my new duties as F3 St Simons – Nantan, it would make sense to take a little mosey back through the Backblasts and see what I can learn…about us….

Here we go…

  • 209 possible AO’s; 52 Sailor’s Warning, 52 Jailbreak, 52 Renegade, and 53 Ironman
  • Only twice did two months day/date match: Jan and Oct, Feb and Nov.  Interesting, I thought?
  • Saturday Sailor’s Warning Backblast slack..BIG Time.  Of the 52 post only 17 Backblast were written and of those 2 where special events/holidays and 4 were Woz’s activity/fun days. **NOTE, since Sat information is lacking my data only reflects what was posted in the Backblast..more on this later…**
  • February had the most new recruits with Cow Tipper’s Ironman having 5 FNG (welcome Butterfinger and Lab Rat)
  • March had the most Backblasts (13) and the most PAX at a workout; twice there were 18.  I did not count the Christmas Revival which I believe had 30 plus this year.
  • VQ’s that were accounted for this year were: Cow Tipper, Footloose, Siri, Lucky Charm, Mall Cop, War Chicken, and Ricky Martin.  There’s a lot more of you regulars that need to step up and out of your comfort zone and Q.  (I believe there was at least one VQ on a Sat but didn’t make it to a backblast…)
  • Posting Down Range (DR)  I’d really like to track this better.  I had the opportunity (and pleasure) of posting 5 times; Rocklin CA, Arlington VR, Athens, Waycross (I don’t remember all that went – Siri, Loveseat, Ricky Martin, Hee Haw, UTG, Footloose???) and Buckhead GA.  I know Yogi posted one or two times in AZ.  If you did this year please let me know.  I think we’ll find use in having a data base with the locations of our DR postings encouraging others to do the same, and tracking our visitors as well.
  • 106 PAX are listed in the Backblasts (I know there were quite a few more on Sat that aren’t listed; FNG’s Ship Wreck, My Little Pony, GB Gentleman’s boner….) but here goes: Milkbone, Dodgeball, Loveseat, Sir, Uptown girl, Bearded Millennium, D2, Fidget Spinner, Footloose, Heart breaker, Lab Rat, Ricky Martin, Snowball, Twinkle toes, War chicken, WOZ, Yogi Bear, Mall Cop, Blackberry (blackcherry), Butterfinger, Cow Tipper, Mrs. Howell, Hee Haw, Alzheimer, Tiny Dancer, Billy Banks, Giselle, Saint 2.0,  T.C., Tinman 2.0, Can Can, Meatball, Rosebud, Stitches, Butterfly, Wickerman, Tea party, Airball, Seuss, Catnip, Brownie, Monkey Humper, Pay Day, CSPAN, Tunes, Baby shark, Lucky Charms, Moonshine, Peach Fuzz, Gaylord Focker, Flip Phone, Sky Walker, Two Buck Chuck, Wyndy, Time EX, Title Max, Sharmen, Westside, JTIP3, Homeboy, Hard drive, Dumpsy, Hillary, Smalls, Shark Tooth, War Pig, Mind Bender, Brick Cake, Sausage Guy, Sudz, Bob the Builder, Pearlman, Tattnal, Drum stick, Cher, Carmax, Matlock, Special K, Judge Judy, Road Kill, Flow, Geico, Booster, Cabana Boy, Dem Apples, J.B. (justin Beiber), G.I. Jane, Mayberry, Hot Wings, Scoop, U-Dub, Hersey, Organ Donor, Streaker, Radio Shack, Furlough, Scuba Steve, Flash, CowTown, Sydney, Yugo, G6, Night Night, Love Shack, Super Sally….I think I only have met or know about half so would love for you guys to commit to more workouts this year!!!

Fun Facts:

  • Feb 14th 2019 was the greatest day all year.  And it’s not just because I get lucky after dinner!
  • Loveseat is the most consistent.  Some months he did 10 workouts and that’s without any Saturdays.  He had 11 posted workouts in Jan, the most by anyone anytime.  Blackberry, Dodgeball, and myself (Siri) came close with 9 a few months
  • Huge shout out to War Daddy, Respect, War Chicken… its really amazing how consistent he was throughout the year.  Even Q’d one or two!
  • Speaking of Q’s – D2 did many Sailor Warnings with ZERO backblasts.  Can one of you volunteer to write his or I can certainly assist 😊
  • Dodgeball and Ricky Martin need to team up for more music filled Q’s.  always better with a little music to help the pain.
  • Bearded Millennium is active on Slack but really Slacks on activities..unless its at HQ
  • Lugi is the most consistent at HQ ..especially if he knows WOZ will be there- not sure what that’s all about???
  • Snowball brought the weight with his 300lb monster tire – would love to see that again…maybe on the beach too?
  • Snowball also introduced us to the “Fartlek”  review his backblast on 5/9 for clarification.
  • Burpees are better after a night of Bourbon – I was real close to “splashing the Merlot” one Sat after a Friday night work function…boy did that suck!
  • I hope you guys enjoyed my few custom-doting posts for RSM and Halloween.  It was fun to plan and I think both were pretty good workouts.  Love to see more of that!
  • WOZ loves his activity related workouts; Frisbee, flag football, kickball…I think I hurt something at each of them!!!
  • Blackberry is on the only man I know that can consistently wear sandals to a workout and actually participate 100%  AMAZING!
  • Yogi q’d quite a few workouts and even wrote a Blackbast, however 3 or 4 did not tag anyone that participated ☹  Dodgeball did it once because there was over ten PAX and Snowball forgot because his Backblast had a lot of actual life-changing, encouraging content.  And then there’s a few of you that just don’t post a Backblast…um D2
  • We should miss guys like Stitches and Airball as when they were here they posted and were quite consistent.  Rosebud, really hope to have you back soon!
  • Thank you Hee Haw, Cow Tipper, and Uptown Girl for encouraging me to be the next Nantan and for WOZ and Heartbreaker for the push and early support…and Loveseat for making sure I didn’t die those first few workouts….  I really enjoy this and hope you all do to.

What’s new:

Following are a few things I have been thinking about:

  • Forming a Nantan council; I believe now that there are several past Nantan’s (Hee Haw, Cow Tipper, and Uptown Girl) we should get together monthly/bi-monthly and discuss the health and flow of the group.  This should then provide all of us opportunities to grow and do/be more.
  • More post out of town or DR.  I know I found great pleasure in meeting new guys with the same interests and Yogi had the same experience when he was vacationing in AZ
  • Follow up with the FNG’s.  let’s invite more but more importantly let’s make sure we follow up and see what they thought.  I noticed quite a few one-and-done’s.
  • Thinking of special treatments for guys posting on B-days or Anniversaries.  While at Rocklin CA, they tie a balloon to the birthday boy for the entire workout.  Gets interesting during burpees, crab walks and monkey humpers.
  • Better tracking and contact info for visiting PAX.  When I posted in Athens one of the guys there was actually at a Sailor’s Warning a few weeks prior.  It would have been nice to be able to reach out to him prior and give a heads-up a guest is coming.
  • Twitter has a LOT of information about F3.  Not only from F3 Nation but lots of groupd around the country.  I am currently following about 10 and use Twitter (only for F3) every time I look to post DR.
  • And hopefully much more to come…


Announcements and  Prayer after our workouts make us a very special group.  If you look around on Saturdays there’s people watching.  Several times a lady would read/do her devotions on the rocker chairs by the flag pole.  She told me twice that her favorite part of our workout is the COT and the guys praying…  think about the unsaid impact we might be having….  Love IT!

Naked-man Moleskin:

What does F3 mean to me:

First F: let’s dig deep and find the need to be consistent, post often and invite those that can really make an impact in our lives. The soreness and new muscles are great, but building better character is even better.  Thank you guys!

Second F: I have told some of you that if the AO’s started a half hour later this group would not work for me…and what a shame that would be.  Our lives could possible be on parallel paths and maybe we never cross.  But we DID and its been such a blessing.  I wont share who I like better or enjoy their Q’s more as what’s the point in that.  We are a very unique group that has intentionally made the decision to better ourselves by crawling out of the fartsack at the butt-crack of dawn and sweat together.  Guys, I enjoy the mumblechatter, the ribby, jokes, lies, beers, and all the fun we have and will continue to have.  Many Thanks for that!

Third F:  Let’s really make an effort through our lives, our conversations, our jobs, and all the contact we have in this community to be Men of God.  There’s so much we can offer especially in the Today’s world we live in.  So much hate, division, impatience,  selfishness, and so on so on that we can stand above all that and impact our neighbors, our friends and family, and each other.  I especially look forward to this coming year and all of the possible for us to make a difference.

Looking forward to an amazingly intentional, active, tough, driven, fun, silly, HQ regular 2020 with all of you crazy guys…hope to connect with those from the past and many more FNG’s!

**Find me at a workout and I’d love to discuss further or over a beer, I can show you some of the raw data if interested**

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