Friday Night Lights

I was not looking forward to Qing the morning after my oyster roast but I sucked it up and woke up early so that I could get to the AO a little early and finalize my game plan.  I was not, however, planning on running out of gas halfway there and having to mosey the rest of the way to the AO – but I made it!  And I came up with some ideas.

We had 10 men join me this morning (which included Geico’s annual posting when his cousin is in town from F3 Lexington) and we absolutely got after it.  As I told Uptown last night, if I’m miserable out there everyone else is gonna be miserable with me too.

warmup – mosey to pier.  the Friday night lights reference is from a stretch we did in high school football – hips, toes, way back.  We revisited some football fun at the end as well.  Continued warmup with jumps squats, worse worse worse merkins, bat wings.

mosey to front of pier – heehaw smokehouse, one legged step ups

mosey to brogans – pick a partner, tortoise and hare the long way around to the lighthouse, where one partner does three burpees when they catch the other

storm mount St. Simons in front of the lighthouse. One partner beargrass you the hill and does merkins while other partner runs around light house museum, then switches.  Next round is duck waking up hill and doing squats till partner returns.

mosey to parking lot near muller bay.  Bear crawl merkin suicides across parking lot.  Then squat suicides.  This kinda sucked.

mosey to stairs – Dora with 50 groiners, 100 merkins, 150 dips while partner runs the stairs.

mosey to field and circle up with me in the middle.  We ran in place and did up-downs on my command, then I pointed out two pax at a time to race to a tree and back.  Notable winners included Footloose over someone much younger than him and FNG Flo over his brother Geico.

COT – prayers for family of those killed on causeway and for Lab Rat’s car situation with some missing car keys.  Also, named FNG (Geico’s brother) Flo from Progressive Insurance.  Seemed appropriate as they’re both in the family insurance business.

Naked Man Moleskin

The community we have with F3 is really special.  Good times hanging with Uptown, War Chicken, D2, Toy Story, Cher, Snowball, Two Burch Chuck, and probably others I’m forgetting at the oyster roast – thanks for coming!  Special bonus for Cher and Uptown for also coming to the workout this morning, and then for Uptown helping me with my car after Coffeteria, and not giving me too, too much hell for running out of gas in the first place.




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