Christmas Leftovers

Four Pax met in the gloom to burn off the egg nog and sugary treats from Christmas Day and get an early start on New Year’s resolutions. Temperature was 59° (47° according to the temperature on the OPES sign, but I digress). The workout was as follows:


Warmup: 25 SSH, Don Quixote, weed picker, LBACs

The Thang:

Mosey to the bus drop and lunge the columns with 1-27 air squats, plank for 6.

Reverse merkin ladder, run to the last column 27 merkin and down to 1 (by the time we got down to 20, it was decided to skip every other column and reduce the counts by 2’s or we’d run out of time).

Slowsie to the playground for 20 + 10 pull-ups or rows.

Slowsie to startex for 4 minute abs consisting of LBCs, flutter kicks and Freddy Mercury.


Naked man moleskin-after the workout, I came home to an empty house. The M and 2.0’s are at her parents for a few days to celebrate Christmas and I am working and getting end of the year things done to prep for 2020. Having both kids in college, I’m used to coming home to an empty house, because the M usually leaves for her workout before I get home from mine, but today is different. It’s too quiet, almost surreal. This alone time has given me pause from my usual busyness and I have reflected the coming to end of another calendar year and decade. Life wasn’t kind to me this past decade, transitioning from my 30’s to my 40’s took its toll on me. I went from a healthy specimen to having several sports related injuries finally catching up to my past body (ruptured disks, ruptured tendons, the beginning of macular degeneration due to too many hits to the head from my football days, clotting problems, etc.). It has been good, too, in many ways, don’t get me wrong. F3 has introduced me to all of you and I am grateful for that. I do think about the younger ones in our group, those of you with kids, and how fun it is to see you being the daddies your kids need. When The M and I were expecting 2.0, an older friend once told me: “Any man can father a child, but only a real man can be a daddy.” I’m proud of you all and hope to stay healthy enough to workout and laugh with you for the next decade to come.


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