Christmas Revival Workout 2019

The air was thick with anticipation.  Hushed tones were heard from the shadows.  Doubts from the PAX were palpable – or it was a Saturday morning at the best AO in F3.  

Best AO in the Country

Christmas Revival 2019 was greeted with a fiery sky and mild temps.  All conditions were a go.  We even had power for the HUGE speaker (thx Catnip).

The “Speaker”

We circled up for the welcome and disclaimer, then hopped right into the warm up.

Que the music – 1st song…Uptown Girl by Billy Joel.

Warm Up:

  • 1 lap around the cones
  • 12 arm circles (front and back)
  • 25 Side straddle hops
  • 12 weed pickers
  • 25 tempo squats
  • 12 windmills
  • 1 more lap around the cones
y’all just lining in my Uptown world

The Thang

Dora #1 – one partner works, the other one does a lap

  • 50 merkins
  • 100 squats
  • 150 Little Baby Crunches
"All to the sweet sounds of Welcome to the Jungle and Running with the Devil"
Footloose light on his toes, just like Kevin Bacon

Next, ABS. (Girls just wanna have fun, Cindi Lauper)

  • 25 flutter kicks – in cadence
  • 12 windshield wipers – in cadence
  • 25 big boy sit ups – OYO
Hey look – it’s BlackBerry and he’s wearing shoes

Next, go to Picnic Tables  (Crazy Train – Ozzy)

10 dips – walk over – 10 decline merks – walk over – 10 dips – walk over – 10 incline – walk over – 10 dips

That was supposed to be it but the song was still going so we Walked over again, did 10 regular merkins – walk over and 10 more dips

All day long (or until we reach 10)

Active recovery (Johnny B. Goode – Chuck Berry)

  • 12 Moroccan Night Club
  • 25 Wonder-bra
Humphrey Bogart in a Moroccan Night Club – no Wonder Bra pics

Dora #2 – (Staying Alive, Bee Gees & Immigrant Song, Zep)

  • 50 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 100 lunges
  • 150 American Hammer

Running partner is now bear crawling one direction and lunging back the other direction (this was really hard with the 100 lunges in there too – my bad)

There’s something fishy about this picture

Active Recovery (Welcome to Paradise, Green Day)

Bolt 45 squats – 12 standing up to 1/2 way down; 12 half way down to all the way down, 12 fun squats.

BONUS: song was still playing and YogiBear didn’t look like he was having fun so we did his favorite exercise – a bonus set of 12 Monkey Humpers

LabRat – not a big fan of Monkey Humpers

Monkey in the Middle (Santa Clause is Coming to Town, Springsteen)

  • 3 people in a group – one person on each sideline and the 3rd person is always moving between stations.
  • Left hand station is doing Alternating Should Taps
  • Right hand Station is doing Sumo Squats
  • One direction the moving person is crab walking, other direction they are running
Woz was going so fast I couldn’t get him in focus

This was an AMRAP and we did it for the whole song.  Who knew that song was soooo long.  Again, my bad.

Let’s just say, folks got Crabby

Next, ABS. (TNT, ACDC)

We alternated between two excellent ab exercises – Dying Cockroach & Cockroach Resurrection. These were so good that I felt I should include the description of them here.

  • Cockroach Resurrection: 4-count ab exercise done lying down on your six and pulling your knees and arms to your chest, then rapidly extending arms and legs back out, then back in. Preferably done directly after the Dying Cockroach and with at least one extra rep.
  • Dying Cockroach:  4-count ab exercise done lying down that involves touching hand to opposite leg, back down, then other hand to opposite leg. Form can vary wildly.
It’s not the cockroach, but who cares

Dora #3  (Show Me How to Live, Audio Slave – Let’s Groove, Earth, Wind & Fire)

  • 50 Monkey Humpers
  • 100 Groaners (crowd favorite)
  • 150 Freddy Mercury’s 

Bear Crawl on direction, lung back

The Monkey Humper

By now it was getting late – really late (I went over) but we had to get in this last exercise.


Simple really.  Keep your ears open and follow directions.  

  • Start by running in place and on Thunder, do a squat
  • Then on the Qs call we would plank and on Thunder we would do a merkin
  • Then on the Qs call we would run in place  and on Thunder we would do a Burpee
  • We kept cycling between these as Angus had sent me the long version of the song.  Thanks Angus.

And with that – it was over.

  • 30 folks showed up to test themselves this mornings – 3 FNGs (welcome SlideRule, CaribbeanQueen & Lil’Spinner) and a mess of Kotters.
  • It was announced that Siri would become the new Nantan on 1/1/2020
  • Prayers were said for all the PAX both present and absent and a special prayer was said for the family of the FLETC trainee who lost his life in a senseless act one week prior.
New Nantan

Another Revival was in the books!

Showing no Pain – a Future Nantan indeed

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