Birthday Beatdown

8 men gathered in the crisp 39 degree morning for a birthday beatdown. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my birthday!

Warmup, 45 SSH, weedpickers, 45 flutter kicks

1st round: 3 sets of 45 sec electric chair followed by 10 4 count merkins

2nd round: 9-1 alternating ladder pullups and dips (bars were cold!)

3rd round: plank chain down the sidewalk between columns and returned with reverse Lt Dan (2 squats:4 lunges, double each time)

4th round: 9-1 alternating ladder box jumps and merkins.

Final round, sprint half way between columns, 1 burpee, get to end, 2 burpee, back to middle 3 burpee, back to start, 4 burpee. Repeat 4 rounds.

Closed out with prayers to be good husbands.

Thanks loveseat, mallcop, siri, labrat, BlackBerry, heartbreaker, and milkbone for celebrating my birthday with me. I am gonna try to make HQ at 5!


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