SEC College FB beatdown

SEC college FB BeatDown 2019.12.12

Wear your Team’s color and enjoy the pain together – that was the theme of this week’s Renegade workout.

The Mumblechatter was low but the weather was perfect – slight chill in the breezy air.

D2 was already warming up and running laps when I arrived around 5:15a  Now that’s getting after it!


I threw out my playbook (get it…) and tried a little different warm up:

  • Light stretching; huggers, toe touches, R/L leg stretches
  • Tapy Taps x25
  • Finkle Kicks x15 ech – Thanks GA Bull Dawg Blankenship for his few critical misses this year!
  • SSH x25

**Mosey around the parking lot to my set-up cone area**


Pre Game – First Half – Halftime – Second Half and then finish with a cool down

Thanks to Google I was able to find a true College football pre-game warm up: Quick, Fast, High Tempo.  5 and 10 yard high-tempo exercises with a sprint to the end line.  Turn around and repeat back and forth for 9 trips.


  1.  Knee hug to lunge – 10 yards – sprint out
  2. Rapid high knee – 5 yards – sprint out
  3. Backward lunge – 10 yards – sprint out
  4. Lateral (side) high knee (R) – 10 yards – sprint out
  5. Lateral High knee (L)  – 10 yards – sprint out
  6. Walking Hamstring (high toe touch forward) – 10 yards – sprint out
  7. Lateral Power Step (side squat walk) (R)  – 10 yards – sprint out
  8. Lateral Power Step (L) – 10 yards – sprint out
  9. Hamstring toe touches – 5 yards – sprint out


** Short mosey around parking lot to drop off lane.  Divide into two Teams for the start of the First Half

First Half:

25 Merkins, BBS, Dips then lap the drop-off zone

20 Merkins, BBS, Dips, lap

15, 10, 5 and finish with an AYG sprint to end the half.

Since one Team was so far ahead, they performed the halftime show while the other Team finished the half.

Half Time: 5 Burpees with a sprint loop around drop off area.

Second Half:

Repeat first half just start at 5 Merkins, BBS, and Dips with Lap and then 10, 15, 20, 25.

Only a few guys were able to finish before time was called for the cooldown.  Big props to Yogi for once again leading the way.

Cool Down:

25 Monkey Humpers in cadence

15 Flutter Rosalitta’s in cadence

Bat Wings for additional shoulder pain.

** it was brought to my attention (thank you D2) that my pace was aggressively fast on the Monkey Humpers and that all will welcome (including my M that night) a much slower, intention, rhythm.  


9 PAX got out of bed on a breezy cool morning.  Entered the Gloom to better themselves: Siri, War Chicken, Dodgeball, Butter fingers, Yogi Bear, Mall Cop, Heartbreaker, Lab Rat, D2

Announcements and  Prayer

Naked-man Moleskin:

It doesn’t matter your TEAM, your Conditioning, or the field you play on – Get up, Get after it, and enjoy the Gloom together.  I am Thankful every morning for the opportunity and the ability to hang with you guys!

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