Santa Clause is Coming to Town

7 PAX started the week by jumping out of the fartsack and taking the DRP. The wind was whipping off the water pretty good so the Q decided to seek some shelter in the “Living Room”. Good choice except DodgeBall kept jumping up and down on his favorite drain.

We did a solid warm-up, arms, legs and the like and then we got after it.

DORA, smokehouse, wall squats (lots of these) and then just like that, it was over (ok not quite – maybe there was a little more).

All left sweaty and fired up to attack the day.

Kudos to TwinkleToes for showing up to the 1st December workout – I know December is a big month for him. Keep on taking the DRP buddy.

Only 18 days until Revival workout on 12/21/19 guys. Mark your calendars.

Greg Walbridge, 50, UptownGirl


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