The one that got away

I had a little fiasco on Tuesday morning, for those that have not heard. I missed BlackBerry’s HIIT workout because I accidentally set my alarm for 12:10 instead of 5:10 and found myself at st Simons community church at 12:30 am wondering where everyone was.   I think of that workout as the one that got away.

No worries. I took the Q for Renegade and decided to recreate as much of Blackerry’s workout as possible (based only on my cursory reading of his backblast).  Nine pax joined me in my endeavor.

warmup – bat wings and hydraulic squats

Mosey to the hidden field (we stopped for some merkins and Carolina dry docks halfway). Unfortunately, the hidden field was covered with sandspurs, and I was swayed by the whines of the pax to abandon my plan and rethink my plan.  It was only at that point when I remembered why BM had abandoned his workout in the same field two years prior.

mosey halfway back – quick HIIT Dora.  One partner sprints 100 yards, does 10 explosive off-the-ground merkins and 10 star jacks/jumps(?) and Moseys back to partner, who is planking.  Rinse and repeat, three rounds for each partner.

mosey to playground for a round of the loveseat suckfest

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 burpees
  • 15 kneesups
  • 20 crunchy frogs
  • 25 jump squats/Bobby hurleys

Gather for bear crawls (where I was forced to assert dominance with D2) and a couple rounds of suicides.  Do one more round of the suck fest.

Quick slowest/mosey to flags and COT.

naked man moleskin – missed you guys on Tuesday.  I pledge closer attention to the clock next time.



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