Good Merkin F3!

9 awesome brothers gathered in the crisp 52 degree morning to get some fitness done. We posted the flags and mosey’d to the pier to do 50 4-count SSH and weedpickers (emphasis on thrusting the hip) as a warm up.Then:10 tempo merkins, 10 LBAC10 hand release merkins, 10 LBAC10 walk out merkins, 10 Overhead clap10 diamond merkins, 10 LBACDecided to move to other side of pier, 2 lunges, 1 burpee, 4 lunges, 2 burpee, 8 lunges, 4 burpee, 16 lunges, 8 burpee, 32 lunges, 16 burpee.10 more merkins then mosey’d off the pier, 10 more merkins, lunge down sidewalk to benches, 10 dips, sprint to next, 10 dips, and so on to picnic area. At picnic tables, 10 box jumps, 10 merkins- 5 rounds,Plank daisy chain (like a shuttle run) down to flag and back. Off to the playground, 3 rounds of pull ups and dips (5×5) for 3 sets. Off to lighthouse hill, bearcrawl to top, 10 merkins, sprint back, 10 flutter kicks, 5 rounds. Back to start, 10 more merkins and done. @BlackBerry 20th wedding anniversary!! Congrats!Looks like @d2 is in w me for 12 hour GoRuck Dec 6th in Savannah. Who else?? Yes, it will be cold and wet. for coming @d2 @BlackBerry @mallcop @loveseat @siri @milkbone @dodgeball @footloose


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