AMRAP for a 6’er

First and foremost, I appreciate the engineering that @chadsiri did to secure the F3 Flag to his mucho macho chick cruiser.

Disclaimer (inserted my soapbox opinion on why we’re staying in the lot…  only two PAX had reflective clothing on, we shouldn’t be running along side of or on the road without proper protective gear)


Sun Gods, interrupted by 2 stragglers that penalized the PAX with 20 OYO burpees.   Deep Squat Sun Gods, LBC’s,  Little baby arm circles.

The Thang:

Slowsy to drop off, instructions followed:

AMRAP for a 6’er or Lunch:

10 Hand release merkins, 20 Big Boy Sit-ups, 30 Taint Ticklers.  Run a lap around the parking lot and repeat until time expired.   I like HRM because it is the equalizer, done correctly we all are equal.  Taint Ticklers you ask,  we’ll those are the perfect mix @yogibearssi low speed squats and @rosebud high squats.  Pax were instructed to complete low, slow, full range of motion squats.  Because anything worth doing is worth doing RIGHT!

Work commenced, mumble chatter was good, and Chief is a Damn Good Dog!


Gisselle – 8 Rounds

Dodgeball – 10 Rounds

D2 – 12 Rounds… Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Labrat – 6 rounds

Tinman Too (and chief) 4 rounds

War Chicken – 5 Rounds

Heartbreaker – 8 Rounds

Can Can – 7 Rounds

Hee Haw – 8 Rounds


Naked Man Moleskin:

I appreciated the prayers fro my family the last two weeks.   17 years ago, my dad had a massive heart attack and had 2 stents.  He hasn’t exactly followed Dr’s Orders….  He went in for a heart cath after getting out of breath working cows.   This past Friday they found multiple blockages at 80-90 percent.  He was admitted at fear of a heart attack, and awaited bypass surgery on Monday.   Surgery went well, he had quintuple bypass.  He’s recovering now.  I met with his Dietitian yesterday and we all got some strict marching orders going forward.  Now, for me and my message to the PAX.  I am scheduled for a stress test this Friday.  I’ve been on the highest dose of statins for 10 years, and on my first cardiologist visit I got the “scare”… The one where the Doctor tells you that just b/c your on a statin, you can’t continue to eat what you want.  The one where he said 1. if it comes in a bag out a window, don’t eat it.  No more meat (or extremely limited, lean, on special occasions),  target is no more than 30% calories from fat, and minimum of 45 minutes a day exercise.    If you put crappy fuel in, you get crappy fuel out.  Play stupid games, and win stupid rewards.   I’m not afraid to die, I know in my heart I’m forgiven for all my sins of the past, present, and future.  I will go to Heaven.  What does bother me is thinking about my family hurting and sad.

So, what fuel will you put in your tank today?  Are you building for your future?  Are you getting your daily exercise?  Are you truly taking care of YOU for those YOU care the MOST about?

JJ Lee


Hee Haw


Ps… Curry Tofu over veggie rice stirfry wasn’t that bad, however my house still smells like curry.





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