Last Chance to Be 48

I was thinking it would be raining this morning.  There was a light mist on my windshield as I headed to the AO at SSCC … but nothing compared to the torrential downpour I had just prior to my first (and second) departure.

I’ll spare you the graphic details, but let’s say I woke up with tummy problems.   I took care of things and headed out around 5:15 only to get a few blocks down Frederica and doing a 180 and racing back home for Round 2.    From my perch on the pearly throne I sent a Slack saying I may be late (or a no-show) and to start without me.

I’m happy to say that I somehow survived and raced back and arrived about 2-3 minutes late.  7 PAX (including myself) were standing there waiting, including milkbone, siri, labrat, loveseat, uptowngirl, blackberry, and YHC fidgetspinner.

Quick warmup of SSH, LBAC, slow weed pickers, and Imperial Walkers and I setup the thang.

The Thang:

This was a repeat of my birthday Q from last year.   Since my birthday is tomorrow (11/6) I figured we had one last chance to do 48.

4 rounds of 8 exercises
AMRAP – 38 seconds on, 10 seconds recover

  1. Merkins
  2. Big Boy Situps
  3. Thrusters
  4. Curls
  5. Tricep Extensions
  6. Bent Over Rows
  7. Wonder Bras w/ Weights
  8. Flutter Kicks

Repeat 4x.

I brought back the beloved twist from my last Iron Man Q, which was the plyo jumps into the back of my truck, tapping the cab, and back again.   Each PAX would leave the circle, sprint to my truck in the parking lot, jump up into the back of the truck and tap the cab, and repeat 5x before sprinting back to the circle and tagging the person to their right.

One final twist at the very end, with about 3 minutes left, we moseyed out into the parking lot and formed a plank line – held plank while each PAX did one more tailgate jump and cab tap.   Hoorah.

Ended with COT, announcements, and prayer.
* Uptown announced that Happy Hour will be moved to Mellow this week, exercising his sheer leadership and dominance in Heehaw’s absence.
* New F3 Prayer Breakfast starting up 1x month in January.  Cowtipper has more details.
* Milkbone wants to start a new AO at Gasgoine Bluff on Wednesdays, and asks for interest on Slack.
* Prayer for Heehaw’s Dad who just had 5 bypasses.
* Prayer for Steve Ritchie who is in the last days of battling cancer and in a lot of pain.

Naked Moleskin:

I had 1:30 between each of the 4 rounds for recovery and reset but realized that was too long.   I personally got a great workout, but felt it must’ve been a joke to many based on the fun, but non-stop mumblechatter, laughing, joking, and conversation in the midst of what I thought would be pretty intense rounds.  (obviously not)

The highlight of the workout was the sound effects that we heard as the PAX jumped into the back of my truck.   Interesting noises.

As always, grateful to be a part of this community that encourages me in fitness, fellowship, and faith.



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