Tricks and Treats and very smelly Feet – Halloween Beat-down!

So I knew I had the Q for Halloween morning for some time and wanted to try something a little different. Inspired, Themed, and Created all around Halloween.  I purchased some candy buckets and glow sticks, nasty (more manly) candy, and had an idea for a costume – Vanilla Ice meets Richard Simons meets your 1980’s HS gym teacher..whistle and stop watch and all!

I created the plan and executed!

Arriving early, I had time to set everything up and get the fog machine going.  Unfortunately my idea of a grand entrance – running through the fog and jumping right into the workout was foiled by a faulty machine…I had to go on without it.  Yogi showed up early so I hid in the bushes behind the school until it was right at 5:30a – then I came prancing out in all my glory, whistles blowing and we got after it.


After the oohs and ahhs about my costume it was time to get to business.

A quick mosey around the parking lot allowed me to explain the format and the significance of the 5 candy-bucket stations: each represented a type of “most googled” Halloween costume.  Each station had 5-6 exercises that represented a pain level.  Very simple: OYO for 45 seconds with 10-15 seconds to get to the next station.

The Candy Buckets:

  1. Silly (Less Hard)
  2. Famous – ish (harder)
  3. SEXY (more hard)
  4. Scary (harder even more)
  5. End Game/family, groups, Teams (Hardest)


One lap around the parking lot stopping at each station to perform that round’s exercise.  I planned for 6 laps but we suffered through only 4.  Following is a list of the 5 Bucket stations, costume names and corresponding exercise.

Silly (less hard) 45 seconds

  1. Dumb & Dumber – Bat Wings
  2. Minons – Tappy Taps
  3. Ice Ice Baby – SSH
  4. Nerds – Finkle Kicks
  5. Crayons – Hairy Rockettes
  6. Forest Gump – wild oyo run **

Famous – ish (more hard) 45 seconds

  1. Whippy Kid – Flutter Kicks
  2. Thembots – Imperial Walkers
  3. Beetle Juice – Baby Crunches
  4. Pink – BBS
  5. Jo Jo Sewall – Do-ah-diddy run (with dance moves) **

SEXY (more hard) 45 seconds

  1. Wonder Women – Baryshrinkov Squats
  2. Cow Girl – Monkey Humpers
  3. Poker’s Red Queen – Star Jack
  4. Wicked Spell Witch – Rosalita
  5. Cat Women – Pickle Ponders**
  6. Naughty Nurse – Dolly **

Scary (harder even more) 45 seconds

  1. Giggles the Clown – American Hammers
  2. Zombie Nurse – Box Cutters
  3. Headless Horseman – Merkins
  4. Scare Crow – Crab Cakes
  5. Pin Head – E2K (oblique crunch)**
  6. Leather Face – Worse Merkins **

End Game: Teams, Groups, Families (Hardest) 120 seconds

  1. Adams Family – Dan Taylor (1 squat/4 lunges, 2/8,3/12…)
  2. Star Wars – Route 66 ( 1 burpee next cone 2 burpee, next 3,4,5,…)
  3. Incredibles – Lindsay fourty (30 dips/10 merkins, 25 dips/15 merkin, 20/20, 15,25…)
  4. Avengers – Escalator: 10 Carolina dry docks, 15 peter parkers, 20 plank jacks, 25 squats)

** Did not complete **


11 PAX got out of bed on a humid Halloween morning (only one in full costume) and entered the Gloom to better themselves: Siri, Loveseat, Yogi Bear, Blackberry, Dodgeball, Heartbreaker, Fidget Spinner, Can Can, Mall Cop, D2 and Giselle

 Prayers minus two PAX as they had to leave for 707 group

Naked-man Moleskin:

I asked the question Would you rather have exercises that range from Easiest to hardest (harder, more hard, most hardest, …) and do each category to completion or 1 of each per round.  A response back was “All Exercises should be HARD”  I agreed and renamed my “easier” to “Less Hard”.  Did I make SSH or Finkle Kicks any harder by this label or just set a base line for the context that all F3 exercises are just simply… HARD.


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