A (1/2) Mile the Hard Way

Pulled an old workout out of the bag for my first Jailbreak Q since March.  8 fine young lads were present for the pain this cool October morning

The Thang

Mosey through the casino, past the lighthouse, up to SSUMC, crawl bearing the preschool ramp, through the neighborhood, and ending in the back parking lot of FBC SSI for COP


  • SSH x 15
  • Tempo merkin x 10
  • Plank variations
  • Rosalitas x 10
  • Dollys x 10
  • Mountain climbers x 15
  • (Jeff) Imperial Walkers x 15

Quick playground circuit

  • 10 pullups
  • 10 dips
  • 10 squats

A Mile the Hard Way


  • Backwards run
  • Lunge
  • Bear crawl
  • AYG

Mosey back to mini golf steps

Partner wheelbarrows up steps to wall

Rinse and repeat – twice per partner total

Mosey to sunken living room for 6MOM

  • LBCs x 15
  • J-Lo x 6
  • Suzanne Somers x 10 each leg
  • Sunday afternoon delight x 8


Naked Man Moleskin

Good to be back at the original F3 SSI AO to lead a beatdown.  It was sentimental for Loveseat too as BM, Meatball, Hee Haw, Rosebud, and YHC were all at his inaugural post in January 2017.

Kotters to both Meatball and Bearded Millenial.  Don’t make it a one-time thing fellas.  Good to have you out there

The FBC track is nowhere near standard track distance so we got in a modified version of a mile the hard way.  I had mercy on the PAX by calling an audible on the final lap which is supposed to be burpee broad jumps.  Some day we’ll follow through on that plan…but I won’t tell you in advance because everyone would probably boycott

YHC couldn’t keep a straight face trying to demonstrate the pickle pounder (#stagefright) but thankfully Dodgeball was ready and willing to demonstrate the Sunday afternoon delight.  It’s good for so many reasons that we workout in the dark.

Announcements and Prayers

  • BM in the midst of a move and closing on his home sale
  • Hee Haw as he hits the road to north Georgia

Don’t forget to tip your waiters,

Cow Tipper


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