Team Nestor

Tropical storm Nestor, meet F3 SSI. Ok, let’s call it a draw, as only 3 HIMs showed up to take the DRP.

UptownGirl, Stitches and YogiBear came out in the rain Saturday morning and quickly agreed that we should workout under the roof of the casino. Next point of action – who was going to be the Q as Woz had not loaded up the schedule – bad Woz. We put our heads together and decided to Club Q it – Yogi going first.

Yogi had us do lots of push ups and lunges – lots of other things too, but that’s what really comes to mind – except for the Electric Chairs (aka Wall Squats). Bad Yogi.

Next was Uptown – having had a nice warm up from Yogi, it was time to get to work. More running, focus on ab work (which YHC developed UACC as a result) and doing exercises on the rocking chairs, Dips and Declines.

Stitches was up next. Damm if he didn’t bring back the electric chair. Sure he also had us work on our abs which really got the UACC going, and brought back the lunges. Yes, lunges are good for us, but somedays it just doesn’t sit well, know what I mean.

The hour was up too soon – Team Nestor, as we shall now be known, closed with the COT and asked prayers for those who fartsacked.

Oh, and then we went and had a great breakfast at palm coast! Back to calorie neutral indeed.


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