Battle Buddies

Conditions:  Cool, Breezy, and a freaking awesome morning!  Full moon, and the boat is still tipped over on it’s side.


NO  COP this morning, we went straight into tha thang!


Mosey to the Flag pole where the PAX were instructed to take note of the route we are on…  Up the steps, turn right, down the way toward Brogens, down the steps, and back to Flag Pole.   Then we partnered up, and per Yogi Bear… SIZE does always matter!  As I was instructing the PAX on what we were about to tackle, Lab Rat said he went home after  my last Q and told his wife that I must have been angry!  Not at all!!!  I like to push the PAX and am known far and wide to Q the hardest workouts.  I also learned that a typical Hee Haw Q can be explained and 15 seconds…  Thanks Loveseat and K.I.S.S.!  I don’t stray far from the list of Wienke’s I’ve got on my phone.  They are normally simple and challenging.

Partner’s completed the following:

500 Big Boy Sit-ups, 400 Squats, 300 Two count flutter kicks, 200 Merkins, and 100 Burpees.  One does work, and the other runs a lap.

45 minute results:

Hee Haw & Twinkle Toes  100 Merkins

Loveseat and Lab Rat 1 Burpee

Yogi Bear and Mall Cop 78 Burpees (these hardhitters could have knocked it out in 3-5 more minutes)

Ricky Martin and War Chicken 290 Flutter Kicks


Naked Man Mole skin….

We talked about the dude that crushed the 2 hour marathon limit, and while there was a little debate the fact remains that the dude did it!

This weekend we talked about Moses and his unlikely leadership in Sunday school.  SO check it out…  Moses was a sheep herder, dude was up on the hillside, hanging with the herd, and all of a sudden a flipping bush catches on fire but DOESN’T burn, then BANG it’s talking to him!!!   like WOW!  It was God instructing Moses to go to Pharaoh and convince him to set the Israelite’s free.  Moses was reluctant, and God told him to go.  Moses delivered the news of the 10 plagues and each time asking the Pharaoh to let his people go…

Moses was cool, just hanging out with his sheep, until he answered the call of God our father to be a leader.

How will you answer God’s calling this week to be a leader?

JJ Lee


Hee Haw


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