1 Year later

One year ago this weekend I drove over to the pier not knowing what to expect. The previous Saturday the M and her Mother were at the casino . She came home and told me about a group of men gathered around the flag pole huddled up praying. They found out what the group was all about. I looked up F3 on the ole interweb and found out more about them. I thought about it that week and decided what the heck I’ll give it a try. As I drove up in the gloom of that first morning I was welcomed to an experience I would not soon forget. Cher led the Q that morning and Hee Haw stayed with me encouraging me to make it through my first of several beatdowns. With all that said I just want to say thank you to all you guys.

Warm-up ssh. weed pickers. squats. lbacs forwards & backwards.

The thang mosey to the lighthouse. mountain climbers in cadence x 10 merkin wave x 10. parker peter’s in cadence x 10. carolina drydocks x 10. mosey to SSI UMC for decending double merking burpees 5-1 with sprint after each set. mosey toward SSI elementary with a stop for more mountain climbers, merkin wave, parker peter’s, carolina drydocks. mosey to SSI elementary for pull-ups x 5 & dips x 20 alternating between each set. After that we took a little lunge walk across the parking lot back to mosey, back to UMC for smurf jacks in cadence x 10. mosey to the living room for step ups x 10. inclined merkins x 10 set of 3.

Bonus. Bruce Lee American hammers x 20. Leg raises x 20. L B C x 20. Heel touches x 20. Crunchy frogs x 20. 100’s x 20

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