Merkin Ladder

13 men met in the gloom this morning to conquer the day and better themselves, including an FNG EH’d by YHC (how’s that for some confusing lingo?).  Great turnout – Hopefully a good time was had by all.

The thang:

warmup with SSh, don quixotes, weed pickers, macerenas, and 10 burpees.

With weights: 14 overhead press, then hold overhead while walking to next destination across field.  14 curls, then hold a curl position while walking to next destination. 14 bent over rows then hold weights in eagle wing while walking to next destination.  Finally 14 weighted squats and then lunges walking to next destination.

Farmers carry Dora – one partner farmer carries weights (including a turn in the five gallon water buckets), while other partner works towards:  100 smurf jacks, 200 plank jacks, 300 SSH.

Merkin ladder – thanks to what ever q-ed this on Saturday at Trembling Earth.  We started at 1 merkin, plank 5 seconds, 2 merkins, plank 5 seconds, etc, laddering to 8 and then laddering back to 1. Uptown Girl tried to insert himself into the Q and cut our reps, but he was gracefully rebuffed.

6MOM – dealers choice abs all the way around the circle.

COT – named the FNG Wicker Man since he sells me outdoor furniture.


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