It’s Monday – Let’s recover From Saturday

So the sandbag portion of the workout form Saturday left a few of us feeling kinda crappy on Monday morning, so when D2 fartsacked on his Q Monday morning, I hopped in immediately and did the recovery workout that I wanted.

Mosey to the pier, extended arm warm up (watch a shrimper go by in from of the capsized auto carrier), SSH, Weedpickers, Gator Chomp (repeated 3x).

Mosey to the next station – playground. Merkins in a circle, pull ups and look at somebody pull up late. So we slowseyed toward the parking lot while doing more arm circles (yes, my shoulder was sore) only to discover that it was not a member of the PAX, just a nice lady doing her morning devo.

Divert to the living room for some work – the details escape me but it was great.

Mosey past the Half Shell stairs. DO a deep squat in front of the stairs, curl the arms together and them flip the stairs the One Finger Salute. Continue on to the parking lot.

25 merkins, 50 squats and 75 American hammers with a lap in between each one – finishing off with a serious stretch and yoga session – stretching the warm body felt great.

And with that, we got on with our day.


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