We had a good turnout this morning as 12 of us met in the gloom.

Warmup: SSH, macarenas, jamaican night clubs, mosey around the parking lot

To the playground for twenty fives – five of one exercise and 20 of another, then 4 and 21, 3 and 22, 2 and 23, and 1 and 24.  You end up doing 15 of the first exercise and 110 of the second.

first evolution – twentyfives with 5 pull-ups and 20 merkins (and so forth).

line up in field one arms length away from one another, get in plank position, last man bunny hops over everyone, last guy planking jumps up and follows, and so on until everyone has jumped through the line twice.

Second evolution – twentyfives with 5 2-count jump squats and 20 monkey humpers.

two man carries (two men carrying a third) across the field and back x2.

third evolution – twentyfives with 5 big boy sit-ups and 20 LBCs.

moseyed back and forth across the field.

fourth evolution – twentyfives with 5 diamond merkins and 20 bench dips.

jail break to flags

COT – no special prayers or announcements


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