Curves for Men

With no Q en que for today’s workout YHC and Nantan debated in the parking lot over who was the most equipped to lead the PAX.  The debate quickly ended when Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” began to chirp over the boombox.  I couldn’t resist.  I was overwhelmed with emotion and testosterone and my hips, ankles, and toes came to life.  It was pure destiny, I had to step up to the call, from the man, in the mirror.  In attendance: WarChicken, FidgetSpinner, UptownGirl, Butterfinger, Airball, LabRat, BlackBerry, Siri, and Dodgeball.

So, I pulled up the note from an old workout and we began.

Warmup- LBAC, BBAC, LBAC(r), tri stretches, neck stretches. [Al Green: Let’s Stay Together]

The Thang-

We worked a few muscle groups with each muscle group having it’s own song for enjoyment, encouragement, and of course, setting the timer.

Triceps: triceps extensions, kickbacks [The O’Jays: Money, Money, Money]

Biceps: Curls, Curls, Curls [Jackson 5: I want you back]

Chest: Merkins, Close Grip Merkins, Wide Grip Merkins [Prince: Purple Rain]

Back: Bent Over Rows, Prison Poses, Lawnmowers [Prince: Kiss]

Abs: Alt Toe-Touches, Jeff Imperial Walkers, LBCs, Jeff Imperial Walkers [Earth, Wind &Fire: September]

We finished with a few back exercises and some Clean n Jerks, I can’t recall the song at this point…I’m sure it was a good tune, it came through my station on Pandora.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.




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