If You Can’t Do It, Don’t ….

When I went to bed last night there was nothing on the #calendar channel on Slack for this week’s workouts or who was the Q for Jailbreak.  I checked it again while taking care of the morning business at 5:00 AM.   On my drive to the pier for Jailbreak I started dreaming up some ideas that could work just in case.

Upon arrival I was delighted to see my FNG from Saturday, Patrick (aka Monkey Humper) standing on the sidewalk with a couple of other PAX.   It’s always a WIN win they come back, right?

With 8 pax in attendance I verified that nobody else was in charge and stepped up to take the my first impromptu Q for Jailbreak.    I figured I’d throw out the one idea I had and if we still had time we could hit the “Ring of Fire” to finish things up.

The Warm-Up:

A little mosey to the end of the pier for some easy warmups with:

  • LBAC
  • Overhead Claps
  • Weed Pickers
  • SSH
  • Step Ups on Benches – 10 per leg, OYO

Mosey back to the AO where vehicles were, for no other reason than I wanted my towel.  Then we took a slow jog/walk in the gloom to the playground.

The Thang:

There’s a saying at F3 – if you can’t do it, don’t Q it.    Well, anyone who has been posting with me knows how much I hate running.   HATE RUNNING.   So I decided we would log us some miles.    About 2.6 miles per my FitBit.  And I was going to do every bit of it.  And I did.

  • 50 pullups (modify with rows if needed) lap around the picnic table area every 10 pullups.
  • 100 Big Boy Situps – lap around the picnic table area every 10 reps.
  • 200 Dips – lap around the picnic table area every 20 reps.

Called an audible around 43:00 into the workout to finish the last rep and we walked back to the vehicles for count, name-o-rama, and COT.

4,894 steps, 722 cals burned, 45 active minutes with a peak heart rate of 199 for me (very peak and short-lived) with average 159 heart rate for me.   Not bad for an impromptu Q.

Naked Man Moleskin:

The F3 Lexicon defines the Naked Man Moleskin as “That portion of the BackBlast in which the Q describes interesting things about the Workout that are at least partially true.”.    Some of my observations;

  • It was super good to have Twinkletoes back and I think one of our first workouts together in a very long time.  He was one of the pax who encouraged me to post a while back.   At one point I was checking to make sure he was still awake and not napping on the picnic table.   Modifying is OK, but napping is not.   His response “modify as needed” was all I needed to hear.  My response – “you are here, and that’s all that matters”.   For one, I’m proud of you Twinkletoes!
  • TinMan2 was hustling.  I mean hustling.  I may have heard incorrectly in my gasping for breath on one of those laps but I think he said something about quitting smoking a few months ago?  (Correct me if I’m wrong TM2).  Did I mention he was hustling?
  • A few pax that are scared of the dark [or the potential broken angles from holes you don’t see in the dark] modified the run by going up and down the sidewalk from the playground out to the road.  I’m not sure which stretch was longer – to the road and back or around the construction netting, trees, and picnic tables – but 2.5+ miles is long enough for me.
  • Warmups started with a pathetic cadence from the PAX which I challenged.   Didn’t hear the repeat of the exercise, or “in cadence” … so I pushed back and said it again.  Stitches picked up on the challenge and made sure we were chiming in after that.
  • About 35 minutes in everyone was still on BBS so I called an audible and told everyone to go ahead and start dips so we could get some tricep work in.    At 43 minutes left I’d finished my 5-round of 20 dips w/ laps.  I’m not sure where everyone else finished, but I’d skipped my last two rounds of BBS to move to dips, so while waiting for the PAX to get back from their last laps I cranked out my last 20 situps, with Siri joining me on the final 10.

Bonus Devotion:

As we started our little mosey to the end of the pier this morning I was reminded of the pitfalls of sin and excess.   Last week I celebrated one year of F3.   I don’t look very different.  My weight is the about the same, some days worse, some days better.   I’m not the physical role model that F3 would want to put on display to recruit people.   Yet, I’m stronger.  A lot stronger.  I told Uptown on the beach Saturday as we were doing Carolina Drydocks and American Hammers that I remember not being able to do them at all.

The biggest reason I have not progressed as much as I’d like is my diet.  It’s the achilles heel for me – and the last year’s added stress of job loss, worry, fear, anxiety and the like really didn’t help.    Several years ago I lost 40 pounds.  I know how to do it.  I know what it takes.  I know I can do it again.

Back to my mosey to the pier.   Before my feet hit the pier the acid reflux from yesterday’s excess started making me feel like the splash of merlot was inevitable.  Yesterday’s lunch?   Chicken fingers and fries at Larry’s Subs.     Last night’s dinner?   Gnat’s Landing’s Bacon Cheddar Burger, Onion Rings, and fried pickles (well, because they were free thanks to the GA Band Card)

That my friends is excess.   Not good excess.   And I paid for it all night with reflux and discomfort and was paying for it in the early parts of our morning workout.

The Bible speaks out against excess in several places.   And let me say in advance that I am not judging or throwing stones towards anyone.   There’s nothing passive aggressive, no secret agenda, and no person in mind with these comments.   That being said ….

Drinking alcohol (which many of us, myself included,  really enjoy) is not listed as being sinful but drinking in excess is not seen favorably.   Gluttony is a sin in the Bible and is right up there with some awful sins that most of us would seem proud that we don’t have on our resume.

What’s your areas of excess?   Too much TV?    Social media?  (that’s a big one for me, as a matter of fact, I took a full week away from making any FB/IG posts last week and the only post I’ve had was the Name-O-Rama I did this morning).   Alcohol?  Gossip?  or … get this one … WORK?  Work so much that you are exhausted and have nothing left in the tank to be a strong man, husband, father, and community leader?

I’d encourage us as men and leaders to take a moment and review our lifestyles – what excess do we have that needs to be balanced out?   Take action, get accountable and take a step forward.

Excess isn’t always bad.   I can think of at least two areas in the Bible where excess is encouraged:

  • Excessive generosity.   Give generously and liberally.
  • Excessive love.   You can’t out love.  You can’t out serve.  Love your neighbor as yourself.

I’m grateful to be one year into this journey with you all.

See you in the gloom,

Fred McKinnon
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