Cockroach Resurrection

I wore my reflective vest as I predicted that I would have to play “traffic cop” getting everyone to park on the perimeter of the OPES staff parking Lot – I wanted the center of the Lot cleared of all obstacles.  Rosebud was first to enter and it took some heavy encouraging to get him to park where I wanted…the rest followed as planned.

In a previous post I asked for 20 cars, we didn’t get that but was quite pleased with the 12 PAX and myself for and solid beatdown in the Late August heat and Humidity.  I rode my wife’s blue cruiser, so we had 12 cars and one beach bike – it was a good Renegade turnout.

Disclaimer and a special comment echoing Milkbones’ earlier post about a Rattlesnake at the roundabout hence why I choose to use the entire parking lot instead of a mosey down the street.  Seemed too soon and way to insensitive to those of us that really don’t like snakes…I might be one of them???


My go-to so far for every Q I have done…

SSH x 20

Bat Wings x 10 (4 exercises)

Tappy Taps x 15

Finkle “Siri” Swings x 10 (ech leg)


A very short mosey, like 25 yards to one end of the parking lot.  I thought that would be funny and create a false sense of “Cool, Siri is going to throw us softballs for this Q” until I motioned for a line up to begin our Burpee Dans across the empty Lot. 1 Burpee then 4 Lunges, 2 Burpee 4 lunges, 3…, then 4… and I think a few overachievers ended up doing a 5 Burpee and we were there.  Then, of course, we had to go back so again, 1 Burpee 4 lunges, 2 burpee 4 Lunges 3… and then 4….  Funny how no one stretched it to 5 Burpee’s.  Honestly – that really sucked!  But not as bad as Luckycharms starting us on Monday with 50 Burpee’s.

Please, someone give us a 10 count – I honestly cant remember who. But Thank You!

Next, Catch me if You Can while doing partner B.L.I.M.P.S.  (this is right when Cow Tipper showed up)  One partner did the exercise while the other took off on a Mosey.  Once partner one finished he raced to partner two. Swap out for exercise and Mosey and continue until all five (B.L.I.M.P.S) exercises were complete.

B. – 5 Burpees

L. – 10 Lunges

I. – 15 Imperial Walkers

M. – 20 Merkins

P. – 25 Plank Jacks

S. – 30 Squats

The group ended up all gathered except for a few and I called them in.  Lab Rat gave us a 10 count to recover.

Next, NEXT, The FOUR Corners A.B.C’s (since its an elementary school and all)

3 exercises, 10 reps each at each of the 4 corners; then 20 reps second round, 30 would have been awesome but it was clearly waning by the time the front reached corner two of the 20 count…

A – American Hammers

B – Big Boy Sit ups

C – Carolina Dry Docks

Again, round one 10 each, at each corner and there are 4 corners; then 20..we didn’t make it to 30!

I enjoy finishing MY Q with a “new” or “unique” exercise and today did NOT disappoint.

Cockroach Resurrection, in cadence for 10 count.  Basically, lay on your back and curl up then explode, and I mean EXPLODE arms and legs out (like a cockroach reaching for its last breath).  I thought it might be interesting and Lab Rat, I believe, said “these are right up there with Monkey Humpers to be sure and do in public”  it was later solidified by Dodgeball posting a video…too dark to see faces but we should certainly be embarrassed!

CoT, Countarama, Namearom, Announcements, Prayer!

Thanks to the 12 PAX that got up and got after it today!  I enjoyed the Q and the time together!

And a special Good Luck to Hee Haw and Loveseat as they make their way to ATL for the GoRuck Tough event!  Represent F3 SSI!


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