Curves for Men

I don’t have ample time this morning to go into this morning’s beatdown, because I have to get on the road shortly. Here is my backblast:

Disclaimer, explanation that the workout is supposed to work every major body part (and I think I delivered on that).

Warmup-SSH, air squat, lateral air squat, Don Quioxte, weed picker

Moved to parking lot for resistance work, curls, triceps extension, bent rows, overhead press, stuff like that.

Moved to the curbs for toe raise (didn’t work out the way I expected), decline merkins, regular merkins, incline merkins, slowsie around the parking lot and back to weights for some oblique and ab work, close grip presses, another round of resistance exercises, and back to curbs for curb merkins, another slowsie aroung the parking lot.

Justice League, yoga and done…

COT, prayer

I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone with a light workout.  The PAX didn’t seem too into counting the cadence, not as much as normal at least.  Hard to tell.  I got what I wanted to get out of the workout and did spend about 18 seconds in zone 5 on my heart rate monitor at 174 bpm, so I know that I got what I needed to get out of it, anyway.


One thought on “Curves for Men

  1. Sorry I didn’t count cadence! I was feeling awful this morning for some reason. When I decided to walk that second lap my HR was 163 as I was finishing a pretty slow walk. Very unusual.


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