Dora 1,2,3,1000

As I drove to the AO this morning with a steady rain hitting my windshield, I told myself that if it was only me and one other pax then I’d suggest some solid second F over some hashbrowns at the Waffle House in lieu of a workout.  Surely the rain would deter most of the pax, right?

To my surprise and admiration, I found a number of pax huddled under the covered porch. Ended up being 13 of us in all.  My elbow is still hurt, but I felt a responsibility to pick up the Q once it became apparent that the Q that I recruited was a no-show.

The thang

warmup – SSH, imperial walkers, tappy taps, tempo squats, merkins (or modify Bonnie Blair’s if you’re me).

Deck of death – pick a card, do the exercise, do a lap bear crawling and/or lunge walking and/or high knees. Repeat for appx. 10 minutes.

Dora 1,2,3,1000 – as a pair, do 100 big boy sit-ups, 200 2-count American hammers, 300 LBCs, while your partner starts to make headway on 1000 side straddle hops.  We finished up with crunchy frogs as a penance for those groups that didn’t finish.

Lindsay (sic?) 40’s – 10 merkins and 30 dips, 15 merkins and 25 dips, 20 merkins and 20 dips, 25 merkins and 15 dips, 30 merkins and 10 dips. I modified with step ups and work squats.

Bat wings – LBAC forward and reverse, seal claps, overhead claps.

Yoga led by @milkbonedla lOT – prayer for Milkbone moving,

and for jobs for those looking for them.


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