Hot, Sweaty, Virgin….VQ that is!

IT was a chilly 39 degrees. Dark and absolutely quiet as I got my bike out of the garage. I’m thinking “am I really going to do this” while I coasted to Heartbreaker’s driveway just a few houses down the street. We met up with two more guys and off we went to my first F3 Renegade post – that was TH Feb 14, 2019. It started easy with jumping jacks (SSH) and arm circles (to my self i thought, this is easy) then WHABAM!- a little mosey down the road to an exercise that I believe will change me forever…. The Captian Thor’s….

I was hooked. It was possibly the most difficult thing I have ever done. seems easy: 1 sit up (BBS) and then 4 side to sides as I called it (American Hammers)…then 2 BBS with 8 A.H. then 3 BBS with 12 and so on so forth until 10 BBS and 40 American Hammers….I don’t remember how many I completed but I know I didn’t finish – NOT EVEN CLOSE… and then I realized it didn’t matter. Nobody was judging me. Only encouragement – and really i think the guys were just checking to make sure i was still breathing…i looked rough as Loveseat shared weeks later.

Fast forward to yesterday (Thursday July 11) where I Q’d my first! An Amazing day I would have never guessed could happen…

Here’s what we did…

Disclaimer – and a huge Thank You for the support and opportunity.

Warmup - 
SSH x 20
Tappy Taps "weed pickers" x 15
BAT wings - 10 arm circles (F/B), 10 Seal claps,
10 Overhead claps
Finkle Kicks x 10 ech leg (certainly the more entertaining aspect of the workout - Blackberry looked like he was dancing.

Mosey – with a stop halfway to the Stables roundabout for a (fast) 10 count Monkey Humpers

Mosey..continue to Roundabout for The Thang…

Captain Thor: 1 BBS w/ 4 American HAmmers ….to 10 BBS w/ 40 American Hammers

Captain Thor#2: 1 Merkin w/ 4 SSH … to 10 Merkins w/ 40 SSH

5 Burpees - lap around circle
10 Lunges (ech leg) - lap around circle
15 Imperial Walkers - lap...
20 Merkins - lap...
25 Plank jacks - lap...
30 squats - lap
PAX - lap together

Mosey to parent entrance rest with a 10 count Gorilla Humpers

Billy Run AYG back to flags

Bonus: With each new Q I try to introduce a new exercise from the LExicon (I read through it 3 times now) …

Smurf-Jacks until you burn out.

CoT, countarama, nameorama, announcements:

New AO’s need to fill Q’s for this quarter

Prayers for both sides of the hit-n-run accident and for TinMan TOO’s father.

The PAX: blackberry, dodgeball, cowtipper, WOZ, snowball, fidget spinner, TinMan TOO, War Chicken, Milkbone, Catnip, Yogi Bear, Loveseat and Siri


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