Coupon medley

9 pax met in the gloom, including one visitor from out of town (drumstick).  We had some fun with varied coupons.

warmup – SSH, don quixotes, Jeff imperial walkers, contra burpees to 5, 5x 8-count absolutions

the thang – split into three teams for three man Team Dora – 100 merkins, 200 crunchy frogs, 300 monkey humpers. While one team member was doing exercise, another was holding the position  of that exercise (either plank, squat, or six inches on your six) while the third team member walked with coupons down the parking lot and around the tree.  Three teams, three coupons – one team had two five gallon buckets filled with water they farmer carried, one had either a 40lb or 60lb sandbag they carried halfway and threw halfway, and one had dumbbells they overhead carried.  We traded the coupons between teams every few rotations.  If it sounds like an overly complicated scheme like Woz would come up with for a workout, it was. But still worked ok.

Next we lined up on parking space lines and bear crawled down the parking lot, stopping at each line to do merkins. First line was 1 merkin, second was 2, and so forth laddering up to 8 merkins.  Then we lunge-walked back and laddered up squats at each line to 8.

next we went back to our teams and did the inaugural loveseat merkin challenge. Two teams had the 30 lb filler bags out of the 60lb sandbag and the third team had the 40lb sandbag. Two team members planked while the third one did merkins with the sand bag on their back/shoulders to exhaustion. Good form – all the way down and all the way up. My team of me, warpig, and drumstick did 69 as a team (drumstick with an impressive 30 by himself). I was tired and forgot to get the other team’s counts – pretty sure the team of labrat, butterfinger, and airball did 69 too, but I think they did 2 sets each.  Not sure about Siri, dodgeball, and blackberry – let us know in the comments.

finally, we ended with contra burpees laddering to 6 merkins.

COT – prayers for war pigs father-in-laws hip replacement and my mom’s knee replacement this week.

Naked man moleskin

scripture of the morning – from phillipians 3 – “forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”  We don’t have to live with our regrets – God says we turn our backs on the past and press forward in his grace to the future.  We forget what is behind us and move forward.   This is what I think of as the mantra of F3 and the Christian life.  No matter where you are, what bad decisions you have made, you have the chance for a new beginning. It’s true physically – today is the perfect day to decide to start coming to workouts and locking shields with brothers.  True spiritually as well.  Gods mercies are new every morning.  Peace brothers!




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