Summer Ski Training

When I committed to Q right before bed and had no intention of staying up to plan an elaborate beat-down, I woke up, scanned through some old logs, and came across a gem we did back in January when I was working hard to prep for the slopes, hence the title.  10 PAX came out, and I’ll just say F3SSI was very poorly represented.

Warmup 1.0-

LBAC F/R, Wonder-Bras, Don-Quixote, Jamaican Night-Clubs, Merkins.  I tried my best to wait on the stragglers. We picked up Loveseat and very briefly spotted Blackcherry, and I guess all the foreigners scared the S*$t right out of him, because he never “officially” joined us, rumor has it he had to go take a Brunswick. Mosey to Mallery tennis courts.

Warmup 2.0-

Scissors 10x, 60 sec forearm plank, Crab Reaches x10, Lateral Leg Rotations 10x, F/R lounges 10x.

The Thang-

8x Jump Squats, Seated Torso Rotations – Repeat.

Plyo Figure 8’s (60sec), Dips 16x – Repeat.

Single Leg Lateral Hops (60sec), Half Bend Calf-raises 16x – Repeat.

Single Leg Ventral Hops (60sec), Half Bend Toe-raises 16x – Repeat.

180 Jump Squats 8x, Plank to Side Star 8x – Repeat.

Mosey to pier.  Along the way we picked up HeeHaw.  Really not sure what he was doing all morning, or where he actually came from.  There was some chatter from the PAX that he may be joining us.  He literally came out of nowhere sipping a coffee while rucking.  He showed up for the cooldown, but hey, he was actually there (Blackcherry).

Cool-down was in front of the ocean, just to showcase our island to the visitors who had to take the beatdown mainly at the tennis courts.  We all grabbed a rock, then did some side stretches, swan dives, dead lifts, it was all very graceful and Yoga-esk.

Count-a-rama, Name-a-rama.

Hee-Haw (SSI), Fear-Factor (Houston), Bill Nye (Raleigh), Little-Debbie (Tallahassee), Lab-Rat (SSI), Snowden (Charlotte), Hillary (SSI), Drumstick (Cherokee), Loveseat (SSI), YHC.


One thought on “Summer Ski Training

  1. Mallery is in fact a very long street, 1.2 miles according to Google Maps. I got the message “go to Mallery” during the first of many trips to potty this morning (thanks to Clindamycin from my oral surgery finally working its way through my system…). Now, after the Q and PAX blew by me on my way to the bathroom, I did in fact get back in my car and DRIVE “to Mallery”, circumnavigating the baseball field where there was some expectation from past experience of meeting up with the group there. Little attention was paid at this early hour to the “Mallery tennis courts” and so I missed the group and drove off a bit disappointed in search of the nice private toilet at the Club; I had to settle for a construction port-o-let long before I made it to the gym and probably managed to piss some construction workers off later in the day, it was that bad.

    Moral of the story, if I been able to successfully locate the Q and PAX at the aforementioned Mallery tennis courts, it most likely would have meant just a few short minutes of participation with the group before either, a.) I would have had a very bad accident in my shorts, b.) I would have driven off again in a furious search for another nearby bathroom in the dark, or c.) both.

    Postscript, if you blow by a PAX who is tardy or having other difficulties in attempting to join your Q, he might appreciate a better or additional clue or some other sort of lifeline in order to have a better shot at locating you in the dark and joining up with the group. Even if joining the group might have been ended up briefer than planned…. 😉

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